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  1. As I have predicted new MacBooks have amd graphics so all of you with radeon laptops be ready for something good from 10.6.7
  2. I believe that with all those things above we are close to have new MacBooks with ati/amd graphics
  3. br492

    GMA 3100 (desktop version!)

    down.... go buy a very very cheap card (something like ati 4350) and make it to work.stop asking to have osx with everything you have and dont give even the minimum of cash
  4. i have the same mobo with nvidia 8600gt 512MB.Everything works perfect with 10.6.2,when it comes to .3 one time i got kernel panics (didn't remove sleepenabler)then i couldnt login and when i made it i have lost sound (found in system profiler,nothing from system preferences)thank god i have backup from time machine and i am relatively fast in the previous situation.i believe that something happens with efi partition
  5. br492

    Is there *any* support for the ATI HD 4830?

    search,it is not that difficult
  6. br492

    ATI 5750 support

    No not yet.Wait first for new imacs to come in market and then the oncoming update will have support for 5750.10.6.2 doesnot have anything for 5xxx
  7. br492

    ATI 5750 support

    Support for the current ATI generation is comming. Time to give away my oven 8600gt 512 M passive cooled As always nothing for mobility variant http://www.brightsideofnews.com/news/2010/...on-hd-5750.aspx
  8. br492


    Για εμενα που έχω dual boot snowleo/win7 η λυση ειναι το αρχειο που σας δινω +απενεργοποίηση της αυτοματης ενημερωσης στο μακ ρολόι. Δουλευει αριστα στο adventhackintosh μου.Μια παράκλιση: ας συνεχισουμε και εδω με ελληνικα γραμματα που ειναι και πιο ευαναγνωστα και κραταμε αυτη την ελάχιστη διαφορετικοτητα απο τους αλλους Localtime_Toggle.pkg.zip
  9. Its is completely different things 1200 and 1400 ati
  10. br492

    ATI 4670

    There is a beta 10.6.2 around.If anyone has it we will find if there is a kext (i believe it is)
  11. br492

    ATI mobility x1300

  12. br492

    ATI 4670

    Its completely different thing with mobility cards.If and only if the 4670 card is a mobility version then we will see. JUST A THOUGHT: there is almost no other card with 4670 chip and only 256 ram.Almost all are with 512 MB or 1GB
  13. br492

    ATI 4670

    And yes its true.All of you ati 4670 owners just wait for the next days to have support for your gc (i believe that its isn't mobility)
  14. br492

    ATI 4670

    Maybe there is good news for those with the above graphics card. Just read (macrumors) something about new imac with these specs(?) : MC413LL/A - IMAC 21.5"/3.06/2x2GB/1TB/4670-256MB-USA Let us see if there is indeed good news
  15. br492

    ATI 4670 Drivers Availability Update

    At your orders. YOU ARE UNBELΙEVABLE