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ATI Mobility X600 64Mb IBM T43 on OS X 10.5.2


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Hey everyone!


Before anyone asks, yes I tried searching the forums, the search is broken. I did go through over 20 pages, and looked at relevant things but I am still no closer to solving my problem, but I have tried.




I used to be a massive fan of OS X 86, until about a year and a half ago when I got my 8800GTS, and at the time there was no fix for OS X 10.4


Now I'm back in the game =D - ok so I'm a little rusty now but heh!


My latest problem is my IBM T43 Laptop =)


I had a spare 80GB 2.5inch PATA drive lying around so i formatted it HFS and installed 10.5.2 on it, worked perfectly aside a few things.


No Wireless [another topic] and No Video Drivers + QE/CI [ethernet and sound seem fine]


Obviously I'm here looking for advice on the Video side of things. I thought this had an ATI X300, but OS X says its a X600, although it says 64Mb which is correct. (i think! been ages since I last checked, never really use this laptop)


Pentium M 1.86Ghz, 1GB DDR2-533Mhz, ATI Radeon X300/600.


So, any help on where I can find drivers, get the QE/CI working etc. would be much appreciated.

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To date, there's no way to get the x600 series cards working with QE/CI under Leopard. The kexts patched in earlier versions of OSX have now become PPC only. (Bitter experience taints my words. I too have an x600 on my laptop.)


That said, resolution change (to at least get the 1280x800 (normal widescreen assumption here...) can be managed with Callisto. Same can be said of the x300.


The difference being that, if you were willing to install Tiger (I know 10.4.8 works with full QE/CI) you could get acceleration for your graphics card, if it was an x600. However, x300s which tend to be a part of the xpress200 or xpress300 chipsets are, to date, a lost cause in all things beyond a decent resolution. :/

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