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DarWine 0.9.58 (GIT)

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I went through the trouble of compiling git on leopard and grabbed the wine git source, which I then applied the patches from darwine to (the binaries on the darwine site are out of date), and compiled. So may as well post it here for others to use. Provided as is, without support etc. Pretty sure OpenGL/Directx is still buggy, but you can try I guess. I wouldn't have bothered but the latest I saw by that other guy was 0.9.51.


Firstly, you will need a new X11, grab it from MacOsForge (2.1.4 works great and is the latest as of this post).


Preemptive explanation: The GIT source is the same as the release source but has some more recent bug fixes and any added features since the last snapshot release. Basically, it's the working source, and thus the most recent (and buggy :)).


Download Link

Working Git + Source

You can run git by changing to the git directory and typing ./git in the terminal. Gnumake install will fail, I havent looked at fixing that, since I don't want it installed anyway.

./git --help to see available commands. Git-Gui has NOT been compiled, attempting to start it will fail (but won't break anything)


To run an exe, open winehelper > file > open, select the exe file.

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