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[How To] 99% GA-945PL-S3, 8500gt, alc883 10.5.1 Kalyway


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99% GA-945PL-S3, 8500gt, alc883 10.5.1 Kalyway

(Optional dual boot)



Alright, here are my comp specs as a start point for the guide:


Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 @ 2.4ghz

Gigabyte S Series motherboard with Intel express chipset. (GA-945PL-S3)

ECS GeForce 8500gt

Realtek High Definition ICH7 ALC883 sound card.

Random keyboard and mouse, both usb.

250gb SATA2 HD.

Integrated LAN.


Alright, all of this works 99% with Kalyway 10.5.1 Install, using Kalyways Updater to go to 10.5.2.


Things you will need (Software-Wise):



Tarugas AppleHDAPatcher Here

NVinject Installers Here

Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD, (Can't provide, find at usual places)

Kalyway Combo Updater (Same as above.)

A linux livecd of your choice. (I used ubuntu, it's your decision.)

For a dual boot, if you choose, a Windows XP or vista install disk. (XP sp2 or 3, Vista sp1.)



Alright, once you are set up, let's get straight to it.




STEP I: Burn your kalyway iso to a dvd, preferably a dual layer, but it works on single layer. Reboot with the disc in your DVD drive, and enter your bios, on a GA-945PL-S3 (I will call it a 945PL now, just for convenience.) It is f12 at boot, to enter boot selection, choose boot from CD-ROM drive.


Here comes one of the first waits of your osx install, as darwin shows up, press F8 and enter the following in boot:



-v -x

(This turns on diagnostic messaging and safe mode, for an easier install.)


Wait for the disk to boot up and go to step IIa.


STEP IIa: Once your disk has booted go into utilities in the menu bar and go to disk utility, click on your main hard drive, and go to partition, go into the menu, and click 1 partition, make it a Mac OSX extended (Journaled). Make sure, the partition scheme is master boot record, select this in options. For people taking the dual boot option, go to STEP IIb right now. Once you are finished, exit disk utility, then go to STEP III.




STEP IIb: If you are dual booting, you must partition it into 2 partitions, one as a Mac OSX Extended, and one as a FAT32, size is up to you. Once you have done this, continue with STEP IIa.




STEP III: Click continue and agree to the license, choose the partition you made for your mac install, keep going until you get to the screen that says Customize down the bottom, click in there and select the following:



Vanilla Kernel, both options.

bootloader_efi, select the mbr one.



Continue to STEP IV.


STEP IV: Hit install, skip the dvd check if you wish, but its really up to you, throughout the installation, check every 5 minutes and move your mouse, or else it may crash for some strange reason. Once it's finished, you can reboot, and it should load into mac, congratulations! A successful install! Now, it's time to make it look a bit more mac-like. Go to STEP V.



STEP V: Grab your NVinject and AppleHDAPatcher installers, place them somewhere where you'll remember, run the NVinject and select the settings which are more suited to your system, for an 8500gt, its 512mb. For non-GeForce users, NVinject isnt needed, however other graphics drivers may be required. Once that's completed, it's time to boot into your Linux Live CD. Continue to STEP VI.


STEP VI: Boot into your Linux Live CD, then go into Terminal, enter the following:


1. dir proc
2. dir asound
3. dir card0


At this stage, it should show a few files, one of them will be a "Codec#numberhere"


Once you find that file, enter the following command:


cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#yournumber

A bunch of text will show up, copy and paste this into a text editor off of your LiveCD, save this into your usb, then reboot into mac.



STEP VII: At this stage, your mac will look pretty, however, it wont have sound, go into your usb and pull out the dump.txt from it, drag it into your AppleHDAPatcher and input your password, reboot, you will have sound :(.


Congratulations, you have a working mac install, if you wish to upgrade to 10.5.2, use a guide on this website, and use Kalyways Combo Updater.


If you are dual booting, read on.




STEP I: After you've completed the guide, you will still have that FAT32 partition in which you want to install vista or windows, so boot into your install disc and go through, when choosing partitions, choose the fat32 and delete it, then format the empty space into NTFS, install to this partition. It will tell you that windows will make your Mac partition inactive, accept and finish the install.


STEP II: Once in windows, go into Start>Run and type diskpart, once in there, type the following:


 list disk
select yourdisk (The one that list disk showed)
list partition
select partition # (Your mac partition number)


Reboot and when darwin shows up, hit f8, WOO a dual boot menu.



Congratulations, you are done.



Well, that's the end of the guide, and that was my process on getting mac on my PC, thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed.

Ask questions, and I will do my best to answer.





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STEP VI: Boot into your Linux Live CD, then go into Terminal, enter the following:


1. dir proc
2. dir asound
3. dir card0




Could you explain this step a little?

I try typing into the terminal "dir proc"

and it says "No such file or directory"

the same happens when I type "dir asound" and "dir card0"


Am I doing it wrong?


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