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Original EFI emulator by David Elliot solves reboot problem in AMD machines


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The Darwin bootloader modified to support EFI that is mantained by Netkas, boot_v8, causes an instant reboot on some AMD boxes (specially with Sempron and Phenom processors). Instead of using Netkas version, I compiled the original modified bootloader from David Elliot and it doesn't have that problem (although it has the FSB hardcoded @ 200MHz).


I attach it with this post, but if you don't trust me just download the sources from here and compile them (you must have Xcode installed in your machine). Then, install it using startupfiletool or load it with GRUB (kernel root(X,X)/boot/boot for example).


I guess maybe the issue is with Netkas's mod to detect the FSB freq, but since the modifications that Netkas made to David's code are not public, we don't know.


Greetins and excuse my bad english!


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