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  1. Discontinued

    Use the link from the post above yours, it works far better.
  2. I like the way how it works. It feels so simple
  3. Seems a bit typical of Apple. Competitor's product is classified as bad by Apple, then Apple launches a competitor that is in the same category, but they insist it isn't like their competitor's product.
  4. Discontinued

    I think you should use this driver instead: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=125569 It works better.
  5. WOW! Finally, a reasonable computer for a reasonable price! Only $599 for a Mac mini!
  6. 1. Boot Camp doesn't work. 2. Parallels is virtualization software, it doesn't emulates you current PC.
  7. New Mac Mini in early March?

    Mac minis with Mini DisplayPort? Whatever Apple is thinking, it's still better for Apple to: 1. Switch to a DisplayPort connector, at least you can use Dell screens 2. Bundle an adapter.
  8. Also, I don't know if anyone has this issue, but the page background lasts for one session only.
  9. I hope Psystar dies. I would laugh a lot then.
  10. Well, don't think you can install OS X then.
  11. New Mac Mini in early March?

    GIVE IT TO ME!!! And Atom-based Mac minis? Apple said that they aren't going to make a netbook, but they said nothing about a nettop.
  12. Well, I think most of you guys think evil Psystar shall die, eh?
  13. Broken G4 Quicksilver

    Retail disc = Yes. Repair disc = No.