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Mighty Mouse and Apple Aluminum Keyboard a la Hackintosh

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I thought a couple comments might be useful for people like myself. Say you now have a working hack and are starting to be a true believer. Sure, Alt and Command are the same key, but man that new keyboard is cool.


Having taken the plunge of buying apple peripherals, do they work with a hack and are they any good?


Apple Aluminum Keyboard: Works fine with a hack. Volume keys, optical drive eject key, etc. Keyboard is satisfying to fondle, just like an iPod. Typing is good for a low action keyboard, still deciding if I sort of like or could grow to really like. Seems better for writing a letter than working the special character keys (duh).


Mighty Mouse: Scroll ball is awesome, the level of refinement is way beyond any other mouse--I am still trying the MM just because of it. Clicking the whole mouse body and it "knows" left and right is just disturbing and not 100% accurate compared to a mouse with separate buttons. Left clicking and feeling the whole mouse body move down is really something...something bad mostly, but I am giving it a chance. The side "buttons" have some kind of "force sensors" which are total {censored}--on my hack they would just activate even if not touched, once disabled they are no longer a threat to my computing.


Purchase experience:

Best Buy Dude: Can I help you?

Me: Do you have that new Mac aluminum keyboard?

BBD: Oh you're a Mac user? They are easy to use aren't they? That makes them really nice.

Me: I like that its BSD Unix with the Mach kernel from NeXT, the GUI is fine.

BBD: Um, here's the keyboard.

...various chit chat

BBD: I would get a Mac, but I like to be able to put together whatever hardware I want for my computer.

Me: I understand that.

BBD: Macs make you buy all your hardware from Apple.

Me: Yeah, um, guess that's true. Thanks for the keyboard...oh, is that a Might Mouse?


Anyway, wired keyboard and mighty mouse are working great.

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yep same here I have the MM and alu keyboard too working great on my hackintosh, and in XP with the keyboard bootloader drivers.

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