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Trouble Installing: iATKOS v1.0i can't find my partition.

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I have been attempting to dualboot Vista and Leopard with this guide:



I've set apart about 50GB or unallocated space through Disk Management on Vista but iATKOS v.1.0i can't find that partition.


I pressed F8 at the installation screen, then typed in "-v" in the command promt. That ended with:



Then I tried typing in "-v -legacy" instead and this is what I got just before it went to the OSx86 install screen:



After the install screen, I went into Disk Utility but couldn't find my partition.



Help. Where did I go wrong and how do I fix it?

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did you by any chance partition your unallocated space? If no there is nothing to see.

You may want to use GParted, and format that new partition at FAT32, then you can use diskutility to set it up.


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