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Help installing Leopard on AMD w/ Nvidia, does it get any harder?


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Hello all.


I am not a newb, to Mac or PC, only Hackintosh. I am trying to install 10.5.1 (and subsequently 10.5.2) Zephyroth on my..


ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 w/AMD Opteron 1.8 ghz dual core (SSE3) (10.5.1 sees it as a dual core)

2x1 gig 400mhz RAM DDR

Nvidia AGP 8x 7300GT 512mb

Hitachi 320 gig HDD

onboard sound (Realtek something or other, in WIN it used the AC'97 Driver)

onboard ethernet Realtek 8202, and PCI Addon ethernet Realtek 8139.


I can get 10.5.1 to install, but no hardware works, some sorta does.

256mb vidram in VESA 3.0

no ethernet cards at all

no sound

the HDD is only seen as a 128 gig HDD


I saw where 10.5.2 rev. 1 had many of the drivers I needed in it, so I tried to install it.

kernel panic, nothing but. (I am downloading the rev. 2 right now, but i hoping that fresh eyes will help me see something I am missing)

I have tried the rev. 1 install on a fresh 10.5.1 install, with any combination of kernel and drivers checked, all to no avail.


So I tried to make the hardware work in 10.5.1, but i couldn't get any of the drivers installed corectly, though I am a complete newb when it comes to the .kext files, and the installation of them. (Side note: When I formatted my HDD as FAT32 it was seen as a 320, but the 10.5.1 intall failed, so I formatted it as hfs+ but the drive is onle seen at 128, again. I would like all 320 gigs avaliable to Leopard, any sugestions?)


I have read post after post where people with my hardware (more accurately ONE piece of my hardware) have had success. But nothing I do has worked.


Please, any or all the help I can get would be fantastic. (Especially in the finding and installing the drivers, and .kext files.)


Thank in advance.



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do you know how you got a kernel panic, when in darwin bootloader press f8 and type in -v and see what the message says when you get a kernel and panic and we can go on from thier

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When i made the post last night my hackintosh, was in the process of having 10.5.1 re-installed on it.


I have finished, and the network works. (I had NOT installed anything on the hack with the network card in it, so I tried that, and poof there is 1 less problem to deal with.)


I have the rev. 2 downloaded.


I have NOT set the Leopard partition as active, should I before I try installing rev. 2? (I ask because there is a bootloader option in 10.5.2 rev. 1, that i selected as well as making the partition as active, so I am just checking)




Should I try to let the system update itself to 10.5.2, or will that spell disaster?



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Okay I have abandoned 10.5.2, I am getting a kernel panic off the DVD for rev. 2, so I give up. I will stay with 10.5.1.


I only need to what drivers are solid for my graphics card.


Nvidia 7300GT AGP 8x


I have tried the NVinject, Nvidia Universal Installer, both are fails, in my case.

I am trying Punk92's installer.



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I'm out, I give up


No one knows anything about any other dirvers, could it be an AGP issue... ANYTHING?

I want a Hackintosh, but I am at the end of my rope.


ANYONE out there know what I might do?


10.5.1 Zephyroth Installed

Nvidia 7300GT AGP 8x 512mb (Not working)

Realtek on board audio (Not working)


Every thing else works fine.

Despite my love for Mac, If I can overcome these 2 issues, I'll have to head to XP, or Linux. I don't want to do that.



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After days searching for an answer to similar issues and then having a chuckle reading the title of this post.... and your last message .. im also out!


i really am suprised, hakintosh has been out so long, and yet the lack of support is disgusting - currently its a friggn mess of unanswered {censored}, much like another unsupported flavor of small linux distro.


thanks for everyones help so far - good luck to you all!


see you in 3 - 5 years maybe when this develops into something useable - or apple release an os outside their own hardware.




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