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M-Audio Firewire Solo audio on Kalyway 10.5.2


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Hello. I have been soaking in the great knowledge on this site and have been able to create a pretty robust machine using Kalyway 10.5.2. Pretty much everything works except Firewire Solo. I have installed 3 different drivers with no avail...the sound lasts only a few seconds and then it fades in and out...Is it because of the EFI abstraction layer on top of the bios? Is it because of the ACPI?


Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! Please see my specs below:


ASUS P5KR (flashed from P5K)

eGeForce 8500 GT 512MB (using gfx string working fully)

SATA 320 GB - primary (Leopard OS X86 Kalyway 10.5.2 - Vanilla + GUID + EFI V8)

IDE 160 GB - Vista x64

ALC8883 with ALCInject and AppleHDA patched (Only Stereo working)

3Com PCI network


Very Stable System!!!

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Okay folks...the Firewire stuttering problem solved....


First of all, I am not sure this will work for all motherboards mine is Asus P5K / P5KR and it works like a charm.


I am using Leo4allv3 (very good installer), EFI, 9.2.2 vanilla kernel on GUID SATA HD. 3 Gig RAM and q6600 g0 CPU.


I finally disabled on-board Firewire and installed a cheap LSI (3 port) firewire PCI card and Voila!!!


No more stuttering with M-Audio FireWire Solo using their latest beta driver....


I tested input and output it it sound sweet...now to reinstall Logic and get recording ;)


Hope this helps!!! If you get it to work, let me know :)



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Hello Folks,


I have the same config :


ASUS P5WD2 (updated)


Asus 6600 GT silencer

SATA 320 GB - (Kalyway 10.5.1 - GUID - EFIV8)

Onboard audio off

Onboard network card off

Firewire card pci-e Sonnet

M-audio F/W solo


The analogic connections are working fine but when I record via the digital input, the sound recorded is full of cracks (approx. one every 50 ms). I have check the cables, the driver (have tested all available drivers), I have changed the firewire card. Everytime I try to record via the Digital interface, the result is full of cracks.

I put the sync source of the firewire card to "external" and after one or two seconde the clock light switch from red to green (which is fine). It does not seems to be a syncro problem but the symptoms looks like it is.

I have made the recording test with ableton live6 and audacity.


Have anyone successfully tested the digital entry of this box?


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cool on the pci card cause i had the same problem but i boiught the sonnets firewire card 400 and 2 800 ports and all works well for me also i returned the asus p5k board and reinstalled the srock 4 core dual sata board and poped in the sonnet card and no hicups whats soever put a saffire firewire audio inteface on it updated the firmware on that peice and logic 8 pro is werking like a charm

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hello everybody.

i have the same FishMate's problem but with M-audio Firewire 410



i have p5kr+kalyway 10.5.2+FW 410



i bought a firewire PCI and i hope it works...

i ordered a Sonnet Allegro 800/400

how to get it working with my fw 410?

when i put the pci card into case will leo install it automatically?

have i to disable p5kr fw port?

and, is it possible to connect via 800Mb/s with my firewire 410?


thank you

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