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  1. "Does Leopard run faster than Windows on these hackintoshes?" Yes it does "Does Leopard run faster on Apple hardware than these configs?" Not necessarily "Does CDs/DVDs burned in Leopard run in Windows without probs?" Yes they do "Do all pen-drives work properly across both Windows and Leopard? Or do they need to be formatted differently?" Yes they do
  2. Start Menus. Eww. Any alternatives?

    one more vote for litestep. it's also great, if you want to get rid of explorer in order to speed up your system performance
  3. Ipod touch software update question :S

    i don't think it will be free!
  4. sounds cool but "Main script execution failed" :-( 1.1.4. firmware, ipod touch
  5. Distorted menus after 10.5.3 update

    it works! thank you very much
  6. Distorted menus after 10.5.3 update

    i have the same problem after using jas 10.5.3 update on my laptop witha intel gma945 chip. any help appreciated.
  7. 10.5.2 is working here. edit: it was actually the iatkos 10.5.1 with a 10.5.2 combo update, but WITHOUT the mentioned "graphics update"
  8. This issue must be related to the intel gma945 chipset. I had the same problem (unresolved yet) with the "graphics update" that was available a few months ago and which messed up my working system. It seems that Apple must have included this "graphics update" into their 10.5.3 package. Someone had advised me then to replace all Intel gma950 extensions with a netkas extension, which I still haven't dared trying myself.
  9. i have exactly the same problem.
  10. if i'm not wrong, m-audio has not yet provided any leopard drivers for this card. it might be necessary to wait for a driver update
  11. external hard drive

    my 2 cents: both choices have pros and cons, if you choose NTFS, beware not to use disk utility to repair drives from within macOS, it might corrupt the file system irreversably! if you choose hfs+, stay away from macdrive for windows, it messed up my whole installation once. i guess the safest is to have a linux distro installed as well with ntfs and hfs+ tools
  12. Is OSX slower compared to vista?

    I'm still on XP, but it's a nice idea to compare different OSes on the same machine. My Geekbench for: XP is 1753 Kubuntu with CF 1855 Leopard 2009 Guess that says it all, I might add that my XP is already tweaked.
  13. Same bad luck here. I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-775 notebook and iAtkos 1.0i thx anyway
  14. leopard didn't work with me

    try deleting the partition under windows with partition magic or sth similar then create a partition with diskpart. the basic installation procedure is described here: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...le_And_Accurate there's also guides for multibooting there. BTW, your screenshots show a jas 10.4.8. DVD, so you're obviously in the wrong forum