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Darwin Bootloader

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I have been searching the net for 2 days now and still can't get the info I need so i'm posting this here, please help if you can.


I have xp and leopard installed on separate drives. In the bios I have it set to boot the leopard drive by default, so to get to windows (on the few occasions I need to), I have to select the XP drive from the bios (or by pressing f12 and selecting it as the current boot device).


What I want to do is this.: I want to add XP to the darwin bootloader. I know I can use the chain0 thingy and used to, HOWEVER, I use parallels desktop in leopard to run xp from within Leopard and it doesnt work well with chain0 as it tries to boot leopard from within leopard since I set leopard as default boot, and to change the default boot back to xp would mean unattended booting of my entire system will boot xp which is not what I want).


SO, to get everything workin ok, I need darwin to be the bootloader for my entire system. I have looked up grub but it seems VERY complicated and I can cant find much info on it. Also, I would need the bootloader to be on the Leopard drive.


SO, if anyone can help or instruct me as to how to get XP added to the Darwin bootloader please let me know.


ANY help is appreciated.

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