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  1. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    No dice...It made all my drives show up as removable drives
  2. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hey MaLd0n, here are the files for my system. My motherboard is the Intel DH67CF. Its a mini itx sandy bridge board. Gigabit LAN subsystem using the Intel® 82579V Gigabit Ethernet Controller Two Serial ATA 6.0 Gb/s ports Two Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/s ports, with one port compatible with eSATA* extension One eSATA* 3.0 Gb/s port Two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports Ten USB 2.0 ports, four back panel ports and six additional ports via four internal headers I'm using a Geforce 210 - N210-MD512D3H/LP for video and would love it if I could get audio working via hdmi as well. Thanks in advance bro! send_me.zip
  3. Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    There is no batchfile in the zipfile i downloaded form your site.
  4. 8600GT 10.5.5 - No QE/CI

    Use efistudio
  5. 8600GT 10.5.5 - No QE/CI

    I actually installed XDarwin Nvidia Installer V 1.1 then nvkush along with using efi strings and I have qe/ci workin on my 8800gts in 10.5.5 Try installing nvkush and seeif it works for you.
  6. How do I make this run as admin? It works if I do it manually using sudo but gives a privileges error otherwise. Please help!
  7. They make what there is demand for and I doubt they aim to kill pets and children. You talk about their quality control and that they make lead ridden toys for your kids? Tell me, is a Chineyman you buy it from or from Walmart or ToyRUs? You guys need to take responsibility for your hand in things, its never one person to be blamed. What happen to US quality control? How come killer pet food and lead ridden toys get through to reach your kids?
  8. I would buy the hardware from psystar and install myself as at newegg the parts cost more than $399
  9. Just posting that I found the case that they use on newegg (I like it and been SEARCHING but found it when I wasnt looking). http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811173014 I hope they go down as well though, cause this kind of attention they bringing to the osx86 scene can mean bad news not just for them but for us too
  10. geforce 8600GT working on low res

    Try this NVinject file which works on my friends 8600GT. If you have error on boot, boot with -f flag and if that works and your resolutions work then you may have to add the -f flag to the boot file so it boots with it on every boot as my friend had to do (actually as I had to do for him lol) NVinject.kext.zip
  11. I have been searching the net for 2 days now and still can't get the info I need so i'm posting this here, please help if you can. I have xp and leopard installed on separate drives. In the bios I have it set to boot the leopard drive by default, so to get to windows (on the few occasions I need to), I have to select the XP drive from the bios (or by pressing f12 and selecting it as the current boot device). What I want to do is this.: I want to add XP to the darwin bootloader. I know I can use the chain0 thingy and used to, HOWEVER, I use parallels desktop in leopard to run xp from within Leopard and it doesnt work well with chain0 as it tries to boot leopard from within leopard since I set leopard as default boot, and to change the default boot back to xp would mean unattended booting of my entire system will boot xp which is not what I want). SO, to get everything workin ok, I need darwin to be the bootloader for my entire system. I have looked up grub but it seems VERY complicated and I can cant find much info on it. Also, I would need the bootloader to be on the Leopard drive. SO, if anyone can help or instruct me as to how to get XP added to the Darwin bootloader please let me know. ANY help is appreciated.
  12. XBMC on OS X! Leopard and Intel Only.

    A new version is out!
  13. apollo im

    The hosts file in Apollo.app needs to be modified as well. Here is a copy of Apollo.app with the host file pre modded. The zip file also contains the hosts file to put in the /etc directory. http://rapidshare.com/files/89026468/Apollo_Fix.zip Over 200 downloads so far Glad to be of service!
  14. 10.5.2

    I have the same board. What's ur power management like? Can u restart n shutdown ok? What kernel u rockin?
  15. 10.5.2

    Can you guys who have it working PLEASE upload your AppleACPIPlatform kext for me PLEASE? I just can't get my old one to work like it did before. When I reboot or shutdown the system freezes on black screen and I have to hold the power button.I restored an older kernel and power etc works fine now. Also did the graphics update. A little disappointed I'm not running stock kernel but I am happy its functional.Kernel I'm running is 4.8mb in size. I think its the original hacked kernel from when 10.5 came out.