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After losing all my windows data for the 2nd time trying to install iATKOS...

fr0st m0nkey

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First time I lost everything was my fault. This time it was iATKOS's fault (I had been rebooting and trying to install every other couple minutes. I was trying to find an appropriate combination of settings that would work without kernel panic and for some reason iATKOS decided to switch drives 0 and 1, so when I installed Darwin it went right over Windows. ) While windows reinstalls again, would somebody please tell me why it's not just installing? Other people were able to install iATKOS v1.0i on their P5B Deluxe's with no problems, why do I get kernel panic every time? It had installed properly once when I realized I lost Windows the first time but I formatted over it in an attempt to save my data and I can't remember what settings I chose. I read on the forums someone chose the "vanilla" EFI emulation (so I selected the stock one only, right?) and I also chose my Yukon ethernet driver. Kernel panic after letting it sit for 5 minutes. HELP! :(:D


EDIT: P.S. I have 2 SATA optical drives I'm using for my install. My main Windows partition is on a 250gb SATA drive and I'm trying to put OS X on a 40gb IDE drive. I have all the options in BIOS set accordingly.

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