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10.5.2 Software Online Update Problem


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Hello, my dear friends out there,


After having successfully done the 10.5.2 update a few days ago by using kalway's Combo Update, I yesterday did another online update on the fly from the Apple website, there were many things updated including a so called "Graphics Update", which is recommended by Apple to do, it was a mistake, at the end, after rebooting,


the system hung at showing me a blue screen for hours, but everything was alive, I did everything, rebooting with -v -x, waited for hours , but nothing helped.



so, it must be a problem with the graphics update. My laptop is a Sony Vaio SZ serie with InterGM945 chipset, video card is intel, so I did a little research afterwards in the file system and found, that there were 2 updates made related to the intel video card:


AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext and



I am definitely sure, that is the problem, since the Vaio's got 2 video cards, another one is nvidia, swithing to the nvidia video card, the system boots correctly.


I don't have those two kext from 10.5.1 anymore, could anyone please send them to me? pir8erxxl@hotmail.com


At the end, it is recommended, not to do the 10.5. 2 Graphics Update online, besides you know exactly what you do.


Best regards!



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