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570SLI and EVGA 8600gt working, WMP11 isnt :(

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So, here are my specs, and god did it take me forever to get this all working

Kalway 10.5.1 AMD patched with medevil nforce drivers-

Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-M57SLI S4 (Works)<

Processor:AMD Athalon 64 2.4ghz Single Core (Works)

GPU:EVGA 8600gt 256MB (Works!)<br />Sound Card:Realtek ALC883 onboard (Works - no front audio)

Wireless Card: Linksys WMP11 802.11b PCI (No Worky)


So I read the HCL page http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCLPart

it says that editing the Airport2.kext will allow this card to work.

10.5.1 has no Airport2.kext

It does have a IO80211Family.kext so I input my Device ID, 4301, into this kext.

No luck.

The WMP11 is a broadcom 4301 chip, any assitance would be much appreciated.

Dev ID:



PS.My nforce 570SLI worked right out of the box with this version of Kalway, ethernet et al (I'm pretty sure its Kalway, just looked for a 10.5.1 AMD torrent)

I installed it and used MacDisk to remove all NV and Geforce Kexts (You cant get past the user setup process in safe mode, it loops after import section)

My graphics card was a pain in the arse to figure out, but I used punk92's installer plus I added my device ID, 4021, in Geforce.kext and NVDAResman.kext and NVInject.kext, and removed all other Device IDs (remember to choose custom install and select an NVInject version). It works wonderfully now. For sound I used HDA_ICH9_ALC888.zip and Kext Helper b7 to install the 2 kexts contained there in.


Its awesome having MacPro power for less than $800. When did Apple become a corporate whore? Was it after Jobs got canned, or when Gates bought half the company?


PPS. My PCI card dosen't even register in SystemProfiler or IOREG

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Oh, you managed to make an ALC883 work using the ALC888 drivers? Strange, I'll give you that, then again, they're not too different. There might be front sound if you used the ALC883 ones, I remember seeing an option for it on the Kalyway Intel disc, so the drivers must be out there somewhere.


Oh, and just as a reference, you don't have the power of a Mac Pro - single core AMD Athlon 64 2.4 GHz != quad 2.8GHz Xeons; every company can be considered a corporate whore; Jobs hasn't been canned and finally, Gates didn't buy half of Apple. Unless of course I was totally out of it this past week.

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Were talking history here, man. Jobs was canned back in the 90's for poor earnings (this was the start of Apples decent) and he went off to form Next Step, which is what OSX is based on. As for Gates owning tons of shares, this happened back in 98 when he bailed out the company. Go look it up.

Cheers :D


Apple wasn't always a corporate whore, their initial perspective was as a new, egalitarian and competative form to the IBMs of the world. Some would argue that Microsoft was IBM's answer to Apple's new paradigm of personal computing (btw. I'm not attributing personal computing as a concept entirely to Apple, yet it was far more successful than Tandy's or Atari's or Commadore's or Xerox's et al). I find it funny how the year 2000 and the iMac seem to have bifurcated the macintosh audience, I mean- we aren't talking ANCIENT history here. This is a testament perhaps to Apple's innability to maintain a large user base.


You are right that I don't have the power of a Mac Pro, but it is damn close, and even if I got an intel mobo and a quad core and an 8800gtx, I would still be beating the pants off of apple's price offerings. I'll try to find the ALC883 drivers, thanks for the advice

BTW. Got any ideas on my PCI Wireless card? It doesnt even show up in system profiler.


On a side note- Next Computers was in the spirit of the original Apple, and everyone there made the same salary, from maintanance man to executive. Those who had been there from the beginning made 75,000 a year, and those who joined 5+ years after got 50,000 a year, Steve Jobs opted for 50,000 himself.


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Ah, I must say, you are learned, but frankly, this all happened before I was born, or before I became enlightened/learned more than just how to turn on a PC, heheh.

I didn't think Jobs had been fired, but rather, he had quit himself, because Apple had become different to his original vision, but, live and learn.


If you have an 8800GTX, you can beat a Mac Pro in gaming terms, as long as you have a fast enough CPU, just because Apple doesn't seem to care about gamers as much as it should. They're a big crowd, and if they can be swung to Apple, there would be a boom in revenue for them.


There's a driver package, which I couldn't quite get to install, with Azalia/HD Audio drivers, I think the ALC883 is included, but I'll be damned if I could get my ALC888 to work... reinstalling Leopard now, think I'll go sans Audio for a while, and even without QE/CI everything's working fine a dandy.


I haven't got a wireless card, unfortunately, so I'm of no use there, but there are plenty of users with them. You'll have to investigate, and find which chipset your card uses, and the drivers for that should be found easily enough. There are plenty of companies offering up Mac drivers for their wireless cards, as far as I know, but I'm unsure if there's Leopard compatibility just yet.

I'm only just discovering the extent of useful information there is in this forum, so post your card/chipset here, and I'll see what I can find.


Woops, hadn't realised you posted a bit of info on your card up already.

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