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  1. Leopard 10.5.2 working, but not stable.

    will do, thanks! I'll use the installer I have already for the 883.
  2. Error log from Kernel

    Me too. I have an eVGA 8800GT. I am also loosing work, and it only occurs when I'm working with lots of texture data... either in the OS or in a 3D program. I would roll back to the 10.5.1 drivers, but the 8800gt only works with the 10.5.2 update.
  3. 8600GTS at only 1024x768

    this may fix your problem. go to the osx86 HCL page here http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...10.5.2#nVidia_2 and scroll down to the 8600M GS there you will find the drivers you need for QE/CI but it also says that this card cannot do more than 1024x768 in 10.5.2
  4. Leopard 10.5.2 working, but not stable.

    Hmmm, maybe we have different board revisions. That would explain why I have a realtek883 and why I cant get EFI emulation to work. How did you end up getting full audio support? I would like to use my audio in, but not at the risk of making my system unstable, so if you remember how you did it, then your help would be invaluable to me.
  5. NFORCE4 AMD + nVidia 8600GT

    No problemo man! Without Punk92 we would be lost. I wonder what exactly it is that is so different about his nvinject. My hunch is that it is related to how it interacts with the nforce drivers, but only punk92 could tell you. Unfortunately his website is all in spanish- freaking curse of babylon. He has a new 3.0 installer but it is a beta version, some people have had major issues with it, and to my knowledge it doesnt really provide anything different besides more versions of nvinject than 2.0 does. Test it at your own risk, but I'm sticking with the 2.0 right now. Also, if in the future everything on your screen locks up except for the mouse pointer, yet the computer is obviously still working (music keeps playing, or hard drive is accessing normally) please let me know. This is a problem that occurs for me from time to time and I found that not installing the new quicktime/itunes patch reduces its occurance significantly. It happens to me when I am using many applications at once and I quickly drag a window somewhere. I don't think it is a problem with my setup or even the hackintosh since there are thousands of complaints about this symptom and the resulting error code (nvchannel error) on real apple user sites, including apple.com http://www.google.com/search?q=nvchannel Apple has not addressed this issue in over a year. It seems that, with every year that goes by, Apple is dropping its classical computer audience like a bad habit, in favor of ipods, techno-weenies who swoon for apple commercials, and hardware/software that's about as stable as Windows ME. Forgive my ranting. I've been using Macs for a long time and I feel like Jar Jar Binx, realizing for the first time that the glorious Republic is done for, in all but name, and just how awesome the power of the Microsoft of The Force is.
  6. NFORCE4 AMD + nVidia 8600GT

    I think I can help you. I have an 8800gt and 8600gt, on an nfore570 board with an athlon 5400+. I have tried MANY nvinject packages but only 1 will work on my system. All others will either render the OS completly unusable (as was the case yesterday when I fubar'd my system with NVinstall.41) or I get kernel panics at boot from nvdaresman.kext and geforce.kext unil i trash them. The only installer that has ever worked for my computer is punk92's v1.9 installerhttp://loadingvault.com/search.php?m=installer I havent tried 2.0 yet, i'm going to right now. It is suppoes to have better performance for the 8000 series. EDIT: I just tried 2.0 and it works and it gives me an extra 10 to 20 fps in games! Awesome! Near parity with windowsxp graphics performance. So install punk92's 2.0 not 1.9 First however, you need to delete geforce.kext and nvdaresman.kext to get into osx so you can run this installer. There are 2 ways of doing this: 1.hold down f8 at startup and enter "-x" (safe mode) without quotes to boot into safe mode, then delete these files (system/library/extensions/) this might not be an option for you if your working with a fresh installation, I know on my copmuter I get stuck in a weird loop during the user setup process, if I'm in safe mode. 2.If for some reason you cant even get into safe mode, at startup instead of using the boot flag "-x" use the flag "-s" (single user mode) when you get into shell, type "/sbin/mount -uw /" without quotes and hit return Now type "sudo rm -d /system/library/extensions/nvdaresman.kext" and hit return then tpye "sudo rm -d /system/library/extensions/geforce.kext" and hit return if the -d flags dont work then use -rf, but very very careful as you can easily delete lots of important stuff with this. Now type "reboot" and dont enter any bootflags, you should get to your desktop in no time flat. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! Punk92's installer isnt idiot proof. You NEED to click the custom button in this installer and and check the nvinject that corresponds to your GPU's vram. Do not mix and match nvinjects or system kexts from other installers. I tried this yesterday with 4 different nvidia packages and I could only get punk92's nvinject version and the kexts in his installer to work in tandem. When I installed the nvinstaller .41 and it didn't work, punk92's would not bring my system back, and I had to do a clean install, so if your friend's computer has the same issue mine does then stay away from nvinstaller .41 I have excellent stability and graphics performance is about 75% of what it is in windowsxp, but that could be on acount of opengl being slower than directx and not my drivers. I'm designing 3d graphics and a video game, so I'm really pushing my systems stability. I went for the nvinstaller .41 because I was greedy and I paid for it in suffering. If it aint broke, dont fix it.
  7. Leopard 10.5.2 working, but not stable.

    Hey, I have the same mobo as you. How did you get zephy 10.5.2 to boot after isntallation? Mine gets stuck in a reboot loop. Did it work out of the box for you, and are you using EFI? Your help would be appreciated. I know how to get your audio card working, wich is actually an 883 not 888, so you should use the package in the zephyroth DVD or find alcinject 883 somewhere. I have not tried this yet because I am using a different driver, which I am attaching below. This driver is actually for 888, and works well for my needs, but only my front audio port works. I'm including the driver I use and the alc883 driver in this post HDA_ICH9_ALC888.zip ALC883Audio.mpkg.zip
  8. 8600GTS at only 1024x768

    Are you sure you selected an NVINJECT version under the "custom" install option in punk92's installer?I had this problem once too, and it was because I had forgotten to select custom install and the 256mb nvinject. I have never had this issue, sorry... well once, recently when I left leopard on all night it wouldnt reboot, but never again. The only thing I can suggest is that you disable all of the power management features of the OS and your BIOS. Also, you may want to try rolling your drivers back to the vanilla 10.5.1 versions, and then simply applying the leo graphics update, as that seemsto have worked for Chrismo and it should fix your shutdown issue if it is only caused by nvinject. Luckily, I am having some issues with an opengl error and I wanted to try rolling back to an old opengl.framework, and in my search i found this handy graphics roll-back installer, which you will need to go Chrismo's route. http://www.hurrikenux.com/Testing/Unoffici...Rollback1.2.zip
  9. Some unresolved problems of 10.5.2 on AMD PC

    1. use this program by zephyroth to change your about this mac http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=105162 2. No, the lack of info in system profiler etc. is because OSX wasn't designed to be friendly with any hardware that apple doesn't use (and alot of hardware they do use, 8800gt *cough*) From your post, I can see that you have already figured this out. I don't know what to say about your panics, except that it isn't the fact that your processor shows up as "unknown" in about this mac. That said, do a google search for "kernel panic" leopard and you will see that getting OSX 10.5 working only opens the door to a sea of troubles that even Apple customers experience. Apple sucks, and they prey upon ignorant customers and are mediocre in support, design, and marketing. I had been a mac fan boy for 20 years, and I mean hardcore. Today, I see little difference between Apple and Microsoft. The reason that your average joe sees a big difference is because apple has focused all of its wasted potential on looking cool, as evidenced by those insanely stupid tv ads with the straw-man PC representative... There actually used to be things about the computers that set apple apart from the competition, but they have always taken advantage of people who don't know anything about computers (typically with inflated component and repair prices or silly arguments about RISC processors) and they convinced those same rubes that they are all 1337 hax0r5 in the process. To avoid being flammed, I want to make it clear that I do think OSX is awesome... but it probably wont be for very long. sorry for the rant... have you got panic logs yet? 3. I have the same graphics lock up in zephyroth 10.5.1 using the 10.5.2 kext and nvkext .33 Did NVkext.41 solve your problem? 4. I have no clue about your ichat ish.
  10. 8600GTS at only 1024x768

    No, sorry, NVinject is only for nvidia cards. Go check out this link http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.5.1#ATI It says your Radeon 9800 will not work. That is not good news, as this list is quite comprehensive. There are 2 things you can do: 1.Use 10.4.8 because it is reported to work under that version- http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.4.8#ATi_2 2.Get another card that is on the 10.5.1 or 10.5.2 HCL list. Make sure its one that works out of the box or with little hassle. Hynesy... You WIFI card is reported to work, go here http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...10.5.2#Wireless Also, did you mean to type 0x000010de or 0x040010de? I noticed an extra zero in there. Regardless, if it is working, dont change a thing... If it aint broke don't fix it.
  11. 8600GTS at only 1024x768

    glad i could help, i just figured this out yesterday and it had taken me 2 weeks to accomplish. The hard part was ofcourse finding the right tools, punk92's installer seems to have something special about it. I'm very glad I could shorten the trial and error time for you. Cheers! PS. what was your 8600gts device ID? PPS. You have more than 1280X1024, you have full quartz extreme and core image functionallity. I could have shown you how to get 1280X1024 without gpu support, but you would not have access to very many applications. To confirm that all is working well, go to the apple system profiler and check to see if your card is being fully recognized. PPPS. Is your internet working, do you use wireless? If so, what is the model of your wireless card?
  12. 8600GTS at only 1024x768

    OK 1.In Windows right click your My Computer and select properties. 2.Move to the Hardware Tab, and select Device Manager. 3.expand the Display Adapter section, and double click NVIDIA 8600GTS (or what ever it says therein) 4.Move over to the Details tab in this new window, and 5.Where it says "DEV_04##&SUBSYS," 04## is your Device ID (on mine it is 0402) 6.Get Kext Helper http://www.cheetha.net/Kext_Helper/Software.html and save it to where you can get to it from OSX 7.Get Punk92's installer http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry633024 and save it to where you can get to it from OSX 8.Start OSX, in safe mode (using -x at the boot promt, hit f8 to get there) only if you havent deleted all of the NV and Geforce Kexts yet (under System/Library/Extensions/), and have already setup a user acount (if you havent set up an account you need to find a way to get rid of those kexts, I used MacDisk in WindowsXP) You could also use another mac to do this. 9.Install Kext helper anywhere, i put it on my desktop for easy access. 10.Run Punk92's installer, and choose the Custom install option, then select the appropriate NVInject which is based on how much Video ram your card has. I selected 256MB. 11.DONT RESTART YET! Go to System/Library/Extensions/ and drag Geforce.kext and NVDAResman.kext to your desktop. 12.Right click on Geforce.kext and select "show package contents" 13.Inside you will find Info.plist, double click this and where it has alot of numbers like this- "0x040210de" replace the numbers after "0x" but before "10de" with you your 4 number Device ID. Delete all of the other enteries of numbers between <string> and </string> and Save and Close the document. Also remove any characters not included in "0x0###10de". 14.Repeat Steps 12-13 for NVDARenderman.kext 15.Drag both .kexts onto Kext Helper b7. 16.Type in your password, and click easy install. 17.Restart and let me know what happens. PS. This is what my Geforce.kext/info.plist looks like: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>CFBundleDevelopmentRegion</key> <string>English</string> <key>CFBundleExecutable</key> <string>GeForce</string> <key>CFBundleGetInfoString</key> <string>GeForce (16.7.5b2)</string> <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> <string>com.apple.GeForce</string> <key>CFBundleInfoDictionaryVersion</key> <string>6.0</string> <key>CFBundleName</key> <string>NVIDIA GeForce Kernel Extension</string> <key>CFBundlePackageType</key> <string>KEXT</string> <key>CFBundleShortVersionString</key> <string>1.5.22</string> <key>CFBundleSignature</key> <string>????</string> <key>CFBundleVersion</key> <string>5.2.2</string> <key>IOKitPersonalities</key> <dict> <key>GeForce</key> <dict> <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> <string>com.apple.GeForce</string> <key>IOCFPlugInTypes</key> <dict> <key>ACCF0000-0000-0000-0000-000a2789904e</key> <string>GeForceGA.plugin</string> </dict> <key>IOClass</key> <string>NVKernel</string> <key>IOMatchCategory</key> <string>IOAccelerator</string> <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x040210de</string> <key>IOProbeScore</key> <integer>100</integer> <key>IOProviderClass</key> <string>IOPCIDevice</string> <key>IOSourceVersion</key> <string></string> </dict> </dict> <key>OSBundleLibraries</key> <dict> <key>com.apple.NVDAResman</key> <string>1.2.0</string> <key>com.apple.iokit.IOGraphicsFamily</key> <string>1.0.0b1</string> <key>com.apple.iokit.IONDRVSupport</key> <string>1.0.0b1</string> <key>com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily</key> <string>1.0.0b1</string> <key>com.apple.kernel.iokit</key> <string>1.0.0b1</string> <key>com.apple.kpi.bsd</key> <string>8.0.0</string> <key>com.apple.kpi.iokit</key> <string>8.0.0</string> <key>com.apple.kpi.libkern</key> <string>8.0.0</string> <key>com.apple.kpi.mach</key> <string>8.0.0</string> </dict> </dict> </plist>
  13. 8600GTS at only 1024x768

    I have an 8600gt and GA-M57SLI s4 I used punk92's installer and its included nvinject. I also removed all device Id's from NVinject.kext, and Geforce.kext and NVDARenderman.kext, and added my cards device ID. Check all three of those kexts, i'm not sure if i modified all 3 or just 2.
  14. 570SLI and EVGA 8600gt working, WMP11 isnt :(

    Were talking history here, man. Jobs was canned back in the 90's for poor earnings (this was the start of Apples decent) and he went off to form Next Step, which is what OSX is based on. As for Gates owning tons of shares, this happened back in 98 when he bailed out the company. Go look it up. Cheers Apple wasn't always a corporate whore, their initial perspective was as a new, egalitarian and competative form to the IBMs of the world. Some would argue that Microsoft was IBM's answer to Apple's new paradigm of personal computing (btw. I'm not attributing personal computing as a concept entirely to Apple, yet it was far more successful than Tandy's or Atari's or Commadore's or Xerox's et al). I find it funny how the year 2000 and the iMac seem to have bifurcated the macintosh audience, I mean- we aren't talking ANCIENT history here. This is a testament perhaps to Apple's innability to maintain a large user base. You are right that I don't have the power of a Mac Pro, but it is damn close, and even if I got an intel mobo and a quad core and an 8800gtx, I would still be beating the pants off of apple's price offerings. I'll try to find the ALC883 drivers, thanks for the advice BTW. Got any ideas on my PCI Wireless card? It doesnt even show up in system profiler. On a side note- Next Computers was in the spirit of the original Apple, and everyone there made the same salary, from maintanance man to executive. Those who had been there from the beginning made 75,000 a year, and those who joined 5+ years after got 50,000 a year, Steve Jobs opted for 50,000 himself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NeXT
  15. So, here are my specs, and god did it take me forever to get this all working Kalway 10.5.1 AMD patched with medevil nforce drivers- Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-M57SLI S4 (Works)< Processor:AMD Athalon 64 2.4ghz Single Core (Works) GPU:EVGA 8600gt 256MB (Works!)<br />Sound Card:Realtek ALC883 onboard (Works - no front audio) Wireless Card: Linksys WMP11 802.11b PCI (No Worky) So I read the HCL page http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCLPart it says that editing the Airport2.kext will allow this card to work. 10.5.1 has no Airport2.kext It does have a IO80211Family.kext so I input my Device ID, 4301, into this kext. No luck. The WMP11 is a broadcom 4301 chip, any assitance would be much appreciated. Dev ID: PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4301&SUBSYS_43011737&REV_02\4&2BE4B97F&0&4030 PS.My nforce 570SLI worked right out of the box with this version of Kalway, ethernet et al (I'm pretty sure its Kalway, just looked for a 10.5.1 AMD torrent) I installed it and used MacDisk to remove all NV and Geforce Kexts (You cant get past the user setup process in safe mode, it loops after import section) My graphics card was a pain in the arse to figure out, but I used punk92's installer plus I added my device ID, 4021, in Geforce.kext and NVDAResman.kext and NVInject.kext, and removed all other Device IDs (remember to choose custom install and select an NVInject version). It works wonderfully now. For sound I used HDA_ICH9_ALC888.zip and Kext Helper b7 to install the 2 kexts contained there in. Its awesome having MacPro power for less than $800. When did Apple become a corporate whore? Was it after Jobs got canned, or when Gates bought half the company? PPS. My PCI card dosen't even register in SystemProfiler or IOREG