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Uh-oh, my 750gb Disk couldnt be repaired?

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I've got a 750gb internal drive formatted as MBR, HFS+, it was all but full. I was re-organizing and resorting a lot of stuff today. I noticed at one point, I deleted some files, and the freespace didn't seem to change correctly. This happen a few times. I decided I better check the disk/repair it, to report free space correctly...


But then it said, after taking a few minutes, that it could not repair the disk. I rebooted and got a message saying it was unable to be repaired, and the drive was made available to me with limited functionality, and to backup my data now. It's 750gb!! So I've got it copying to various places.


Before I rebooted, the drive showed 98gb free; after rebooting, 240gb free. Wow, big difference. It *appears* all my files are there; perhaps it was finally just reporting free space correctly?


Anyway, I was wondering what I should do. Yes, I am backing up. But should I just try a utility like DiskWarrior? Or is this drive causing problems because it is an MBR partition scheme, and over 500-some gigabytes?


Any advice, feedback, info, clarification on what happen, etc = GREATLY appreciated!!!


Thanks so much!

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I backed everything up to a different drive first. Total size of files = 535gb; the "messed up" disk said 439gb - a ~100gb discrepancy.


I used Diskwarrior 4, and after repairing, the disk that had to be repaired says 496gb total used; still 40gb short of the files I copied... still a 40gb discrepancy! Both disks were HFS+ formatted. What's the deal? Why did this get corrupt in the first place?


Should I be sure to format the disk that had been corrupted to GUID? Does that matter?


What caused this/why/whats going on here?

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