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Modding Mac Pro 2.66ghz QC


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just today I bought a Mac Pro 2.66ghz QC second hand (1700euros), but there are some things I'd like to change.


1. Harddisks shouldn't be to hard, just buy regular HD at my local computer store will be ok.


2. no wifi or bluetooth module was included. On the site of Mac I don't see any modules you can buy to build in, so what is the best to do? Can they be found (already searched ebay, but could only find them for G5's and so, not for Mac Pro.


3. Memory, found some on ebay, because I realised wasn't normal memory :-)


4. Graphic cars. Right now I'm using the 7300GT, but I'm hoping they will do something about the 8800GT, so I could put that one in. For now would it be possible to put in a second graphic card just to use under Vista, because the 7300GT is really outdated I think? And how should I do that? Just push it in the second slot? Will that give any conflicts with the other card under Leopard? I don't mind the 7300GT for Leopard because won't do any gaming in Leopard, but would like a better card for Windows so I could do some gaming. And would be great if i could just buy a regular graphic card for that.


Kind regards, Tamara

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