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Best sound card?


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Sigmatel 9220 is actually 8 channel _almost_full_ programmable chip.




Almost every line can work line in or line out, depending driver.


Here is working driver for Sigmatel 9220. (thanks vakakush)




Audio line out is now blue line. It works well, and it is NOT broken.

Quality is well.


It makes changes in new AppleHDA.kext, and unfortunately

changes too kext _info_ to old versions 1.1.0a20 info.


But: You can see that kext is still 2 meg big and born february 2008.

Actually: It IS new 1.5.6a19 kext with older sigmatel 9220 parts.

Now You have new HDA kext which works with Your's Sigmatel.


There is too so called Taruga's patcher, but it not works everyone.

It is newer, and headphone and line in works too. But: As I say,

it not works for me.





Remember: After installation: In terminal: diskutil repairPermissions /

And reboot.

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I'm currently repairing my disk permissions. If this works, thank you so much!!!This didnt work. It only messed up my ethernet and caused me to have to reinstall. I'm just going to go ahead and try to find another sound card.

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Link is from Finland, but You can see the picture.




Bottom of the site is C-Media Electronics link.


Cheap, and voices quality (2-channel stereo) is excellent. (imho)


Read: C-Media sites, CM-108 controller:




Typical signal-noise ratio is 93,6 dB and SILENT SNR is 98,2 dB <- good !!!

In frequence pictures You can see, that lines are very straight too.


I have Logitech X-530 series with it, and there is no any low level "hummm" sound.

My headphone set is Logitech too. They all works well together.


I have read somewhere, that C-Media has made this usb-soundstick over 7 million unit.

I have seen it black-silver and silver-blue colour.

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