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  1. gabe_

    Apple Wired Keyboard

    I think the problem is that her Caps Lock key is stuck in the "on" position.
  2. gabe_


    What type of Nvidia card is it? It sounds like you have a pretty compatible setup.
  3. gabe_

    Quicksilver "MacPro"

    It can't be optimal for cooling...
  4. gabe_

    Favourite Music Style

    The choices are all pretty generic ways of describing music. My listening habits are so eclectic that I couldn't even begin to start labeling, or picking favorites... So, I picked "rock." I think that's pretty safe.
  5. gabe_


    It's not supposed to be a primary computer. It's not supposed to be a gadget, or toy. It's a tool for artists, and designers.
  6. gabe_

    The first Mac you ever used.

    Pretty useless thread... but, what the hell Macintosh SE:
  7. gabe_

    iChat vs. Adium

    I really only IM on one network... and that's AIM. When I'm on a Mac I typically use iChat. In other OS's I switch off between miniaim, and Pidgin... I haven't touched Adium since it's very early releases, circa 2001.
  8. gabe_

    Opinions on the 3D Dock

    I'm always amazed by the insignificant things people find to complain about.
  9. gabe_

    Best App.

    I don't like bloated WYSIWYG programs like Dreamweaver. I will likely be the only one here that will tell you to pick up a good text editor, and start learning to write beautiful, standards based XHTML and CSS by hand. I prefer to do all of my web design that way.
  10. Bargain basement memory can be finicky in any computer... I stick to the well trusted brands.
  11. I think I'm too lazy to click all of those links. I think you should list what each component is, and make sure you check the Hardware Compatibility Lists on the Wiki. http://wiki.osx86project.org/
  12. gabe_

    Best distro?

    That is exactly my problem with all "What is the best..." threads. This forum seems to have more than average. What gives?
  13. PMT? I think you might mean PMS. Regardless, no need to apologize to the ladies. There are none here.
  14. gabe_


    Welcome. Use the hardware compatibility lists on the Wiki to see if your hardware will work: http://wiki.osx86project.org/ Without doing your homework for you, my best guess would be to have you try either Leo4all, or Zeph. Good luck!