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iATKOS v1.0 R2 - Installation on USB Drive Help?


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Hey all,


I am trying to install iATKOS v1.0 R2 on an external USB Drive (120GB Formac Disk Mini) on my Dell Vostro 1500 (2GHz Core 2 Duo, 3GB Ram, Nvidia GeForce 8600GT M).


I used Disk Utility in the installer to create a Mac Extended (Journaled) partition on the USB Drive called OSXUSB.


I then installed iATKOS to the drive, choosing only the iATKOS main and OSx86 Bootloader from the Customize option. (I have also tried it without the bootloader, and without the bootloader with nvinject driver).


Installation was successful all times, but whenever I restart my dell, press F12 (For boot menu) and choose USB Drive, I just get a flashing text cursor but I cannot type...


Anyone have any ideas? If I load up the DVD again and go to Disk utility, I can see that there is about 6Gb on the drive so I know OS X has installed on it... But it doesn't appear that the drive knows how to boot it.


Any help is much appreciated. :D


Edit: After reading a few posts here I am now re-attempting the installation. I have formatted the drive and created the partition again. I am now trying the Darwin EFI Bootloader and all sub-items. I also happen to already have a copy of GPartEd on CD which is handy, so I will try setting the boot flag on my USB Parition once it's finished and I will post the result when it finishes. *Crosses fingers*

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Did you look in the CUSToMIZE option during format(Disk Utility) and choose the right boot Style (MBR).I Have succesfull installed iatkos ir3(equate Patch)on a USB Drive. There are many things that could be going on, but the best thing to do is check your format boot style(should be MBR) and make sure you have all the right things checked an unchecked in the OSX install cutomize settings. That took me a few try's as well. But I had absolutely no help from this forum during my troubles even while posting a ton. It would also help to post your machine specs. Good Luck man... :D


P.S. You may want to burn to an RW till you get the right Patches to disc etc.

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Hey there,


Yeah I made sure it was MBR based. Unfortunately it didn't work even after giving the drive the Boot flag using GPartEd.

Gonna see if I can get Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon to boot from it until I (Or someone on these forums) can figure it out.

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No, I have Windows XP on my main hard drive.

But what i want is to be able to plug in my USB Hard Drive (Which now has OS X 86 installed) and boot from that, but it just stays on a black screen. ie. it doesn't know there is anything to boot.. even though it has the boot flag and darwin efi bootloader.


My specs are in my original post, but I will post them again below:


Dell Vostro 1500

2Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo (Which I am sure has SSE3)

3GB Ram

Nvidia geForce 8600GT M


Unsure as to what motherboard the Dell Vostro has...


All help is much appreciated,



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