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  1. Well I have been absent from this thread for a while since i replaced my D630 hackitosh with an iMac for my primary PC. But now my desire for a laptop has got me to give the Hackintosh another go. I have a great install of 10.5.4 using iatkos 10.5.1 then updating to 10.5.4. My graphics (Nvidia quadro 135) were not recognized correctly so installed nviject 2.0 and that gave me the appropriate resolution but quartz extreme is still disabled. Should this be enabled on a fully working graphics card? Second question, when i boot from battery my system info shows that my process or is running at 1.6 GHz but when i boot with the power adapter plugged in it recognizes the processor as 2.0 GHz. It also doesn't appear to change if I remove the power cord ( moving the processor down to 1.6) or plugging the power cord in (bumping it up to 2.0). Whats going on here, is this just speed step? Is the processor speed actually changing when I switch power but not updating the system info? Third and final question, I would like to update to 10.5.6. Is this advised? If so what procedure should I use to upgrade? Thanks everyone Jordan-TheCheapGeek
  2. Gotrpms

    Apple TV as a router

    Ok i have search the internet and am struggling with this. I would like to use the Apple tv as a bridge from my wireless network to an Ethernet connection. Is there any way of doing this on apple tv 2.1 firmware.
  3. So roneil is their anyway you know of to enable the vga out for dual monitors on iATKOS. Also another poster in this thread suggested that leo4all solved his dual display issue, any tips or suggestions on installing leo4all? Is the procedure the same? Can the 10.5.3 update be applied in the same way with the netkas tutorial?
  4. Ok i have one more question guys. Since im new to the Hackinosh thing, what is the proper way to update to 10.5.2? I have seen several guides and im just not sure what steps apply to my setup? Any advice?
  5. Ok well i was hoping that by updating to 10.5.2 the vga our and dual monitor would work but somehow the update messed my system up. I am going to start over but while im waiting, has anyone gotten the vga out or dual monitor working. My specs d630 nvidia quadro iaktos v1.0r2
  6. MY one and only problem on my d630 is that lack of duel monitor support, are there any soloutions to this problem?
  7. Well these forums and this guide is awesome, this is my first post from my Hackintosh.
  8. Were you ever succesful in getting iATKOS to boot from the usb drive? I am trying to do the same thing on a latitude D630 and i cannot get it to boot.
  9. Is there a guide to installing ubuntu and grub to get osx to boot? I believe that now my install did complete successfully, but i still cannot get OSX to boot from the USB hard disk. Are there any ideas here? Im now getting the blinking cursor of death, i have flagged my partition using the method on the first page of the guide, via http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...77596&st=20 i am going to try Hirens boot cd
  10. Ok this is my first time trying to make an OSX install on a PC, and my first post. I am trying to install iATKOS v1.0ir2 on an external usb hard drive. During installation i never get the install succesful prompt, my computer jsut restarts and will not boot off of the usb harddrive. Any suggestions? I keep trying to install the stock kernal and the install hangs very early on in the process. my comp is a 630 with a nvidia quadro