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Leopard Desktop crashes as soon as it loads


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I have a real annoying problem i was hoping someone has ran into before..


Thanks for any help


Okay.. Here's what happens:


My Desktop and entire Mac OS system crashes roughly 3 seconds after I login to Leopard - clean install. (AMD Zeph - 10.5.1)


The top half of the dock disappears, then a black screen (Sometimes a blue screen with a tiny dot of where the mouse was last) appears..


and my system has to restart before the entire process happens again.



My Computer:


40GB ATA Hard drive

One 40GB partition labled "leopard"

MBR as the boot loader


AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+

Gigabyte Motherboard - M61P-S3



My Install Disc


The files in question is: Zephyroth AMD 10.5.1 (Leopard-AMD-10.5.1.iso) Install DVD


The iso file is 4,698,669,056 bytes in size.




My Method of Install (roughly)


1. Insert Leopard Disc

2. Boot off DVD

3. Format the disk (MBR - journalised - whole disk (I tried partitionling.. I prefer whole disc)

4. un-select all packages I can

5. Start Install with a logger and wait for ACLMODIFY.PL to crash my install

6. Restart the computer and boot off Leopard DVD again

7. Repair Volume in disk utilities(which has errors)

8. Complete the installation of Leopard (This time everything works well)

9. Boot the Install Disk again to check the permissions (there are a lot of ACL's found but not expected)

10. use Macdrive in Windows to delete all the nVidia related drivers in /System/Library/Extensions


11. Watch the computer boot successfully into a working install of Leopard

12. Go through the "New Macintosh" helper at the first time boot

13. When Leopard is creating my User account, it crashes


14. I do that whole.. com.apple.setup thingie to get past the "New Macintosh"

15. I create a root password

16. I boot as Administrator


17. Which leads me to here.. The loginwindow logs me in.. and I see a desktop, the stars and the dock


But I don't see the menu up the top..


Then 3 seconds later, my Hacintosh crashes, and I need to reboot..




Is there anything I can do to.. prevent this crash.. I'm really close


Also, I have a feeling it my be my GFX card.. but I can't save any logs :thumbsup_anim:




My GFX Card:


Onboard 6100 ( or something like that) from nVidia - That is set to be disabled

Gigabyte 8500GT.. which is plugged in and currently is use.


Any ideas??

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*angry* this is so annoying


it just does NOT work.. not matter what .. ever..


I've taken out the graphics card, re installed OSX - no luck

I've messed with the keyboard and everything I can think of - no luck


every time I install mac os on this..... "Machine".. it crashes.. it's been such a battle to even get it to start GUI and it doesn't even maintain a constant success


FYI.. in my experience Mac OS on an AMD ( THIS AMD) is SHIIIIII- bad..





screw this I'm getting an intel..


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