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  1. yep.. same, I'm having a problem installing Leopard as well I am using an Acer Travelmate 240, Leopard reboots every time just after it loads all the .kexts, and is about to start booting OSX Installer. But I can get Tiger 10.4.6 to run, although the Travelmate 240 by nature is incredibly slow, and sluggish so it's no surprise Mac OS doesn't run well. I think I'm going to just try get the latest version of Tiger and run that but I'll check back with any ideas if they ever come my way
  2. Stuck on welcome screen

    is there a Kalyway version of OSX released for AMD CPU's?? I haven't currently come across one.. but if there is, awesome.. if there isn't, I'd suggest you attempt to get an image that you know supports AMD CPUs. One I know of is Zephyroth.
  3. which dvd burning s/w do i use to burn a hackintosh dvd?

    alcohol 120 is sufficient enough.. actually it's the most sufficient in my opinion.. alcohol is great Amiright?? I used alcohol to burn it.. and I used the default speed, which was 48x.. If you have a large amount of blank disks, you can fool around with the settings.. but don't lose your ISO image. I hear that the slower you burn, the less chance for errors.. if you have little faith in your DVD burner I suggest you chose a lower speed.
  4. *angry* this is so annoying it just does NOT work.. not matter what .. ever.. I've taken out the graphics card, re installed OSX - no luck I've messed with the keyboard and everything I can think of - no luck every time I install mac os on this..... "Machine".. it crashes.. it's been such a battle to even get it to start GUI and it doesn't even maintain a constant success FYI.. in my experience Mac OS on an AMD ( THIS AMD) is SHIIIIII- bad.. screw this I'm getting an intel.. [discussion closed]
  5. what exactly happens? when your finder stops responding?
  6. damn I can't work it out
  7. Main OSX hard drive mounts as read only

    Perhaps when you're booting with -s, you're booting the Install image as read only. That happened to me many of times. There's a difference.. one says root: and the other says... something else I think also when it loads up, you'll hear the CD spinning madly
  8. I have a real annoying problem i was hoping someone has ran into before.. Thanks for any help Okay.. Here's what happens: My Desktop and entire Mac OS system crashes roughly 3 seconds after I login to Leopard - clean install. (AMD Zeph - 10.5.1) The top half of the dock disappears, then a black screen (Sometimes a blue screen with a tiny dot of where the mouse was last) appears.. and my system has to restart before the entire process happens again. ---------------- My Computer: 40GB ATA Hard drive One 40GB partition labled "leopard" MBR as the boot loader AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ Gigabyte Motherboard - M61P-S3 ---------------- My Install Disc The files in question is: Zephyroth AMD 10.5.1 (Leopard-AMD-10.5.1.iso) Install DVD The iso file is 4,698,669,056 bytes in size. ---------------- My Method of Install (roughly) 1. Insert Leopard Disc 2. Boot off DVD 3. Format the disk (MBR - journalised - whole disk (I tried partitionling.. I prefer whole disc) 4. un-select all packages I can 5. Start Install with a logger and wait for ACLMODIFY.PL to crash my install 6. Restart the computer and boot off Leopard DVD again 7. Repair Volume in disk utilities(which has errors) 8. Complete the installation of Leopard (This time everything works well) 9. Boot the Install Disk again to check the permissions (there are a lot of ACL's found but not expected) 10. use Macdrive in Windows to delete all the nVidia related drivers in /System/Library/Extensions 11. Watch the computer boot successfully into a working install of Leopard 12. Go through the "New Macintosh" helper at the first time boot 13. When Leopard is creating my User account, it crashes 14. I do that whole.. com.apple.setup thingie to get past the "New Macintosh" 15. I create a root password 16. I boot as Administrator 17. Which leads me to here.. The loginwindow logs me in.. and I see a desktop, the stars and the dock But I don't see the menu up the top.. Then 3 seconds later, my Hacintosh crashes, and I need to reboot.. Is there anything I can do to.. prevent this crash.. I'm really close Also, I have a feeling it my be my GFX card.. but I can't save any logs My GFX Card: Onboard 6100 ( or something like that) from nVidia - That is set to be disabled Gigabyte 8500GT.. which is plugged in and currently is use. Any ideas??
  9. Can't get to the login window

    Here's a list of thing you may find success in trying, if you haven't already 1. Disable onboard Network Card (On Chip Lan) 2. perhaps you could try booting with the switch -x The only problem i've had with step two, is that when I hit F8, I can't seem to boot from the hard drive - only the DVD ROM So, if you are the same (it seems to be a rare problem).. well you need to edit a file that's somewhere in /Library/Preferences.. and then another directory, but I'm not entirely sure where.. The only thing is.. you should prolly aim at finding a proper fix (if -x actually works).. 'cause all it is doing is booting safemode
  10. Leopard install hangs near end

    My system: 40GB ATA Hard drive One 40GB partition labled "leopard" MBR AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ - Socket 940 (I personally think that was a mistake) Gigabyte Motherboard - M61P-S3 - Chipset: nVidia MCP61 ------------------------------------------- Install DVD Zephyroth AMD 10.5.1 (Leopard-AMD-10.5.1.iso) Install DVD The iso file is 4,698,669,056 bytes in size.
  11. Leopard install hangs near end

    you know.. your issue seems to be a slight variation of what I'm experiencing One thing you could try, and that I've been trying too.. is to open up the Installer Log.. and just see why it crashes.. In reality, my Installer crashes 3 times during the entire install (which is sad) and the final time mine crashes is "less than a minute" while it attempts to close the installation and tamper with my disk.. The installer log (if you haven't already found it) is located in the Top menu under the last heading (Window - I think is it's name).. and then something about "installer Log"..
  12. Okay, I have another noob question I can not find the answer to The files in question is: Zephyroth AMD 10.5.1 (Leopard-AMD-10.5.1.iso) Install DVD The iso file is 4,698,669,056 bytes in size. The ISO was burnt in Alcohol 120% and in the installer found no errors while checking it My Question: Once The disk is successfully formatted as HFS+ (Journalised) and I need to select "Customize" just before installing Where can I install the proper drivers for my system? I've read a lot of people talking about "select the apropriate drivers"... like SSE3, nVidia Chipsets and all that.. but the only thing I see in that Customise list is Fonts, X11, Graphics card.. but nothing like SSE3.. Where do I select the drivers?
  13. thanks for the reply Hmm.. I can get into the Installer fine, but once I finish installing, shouldn't there be an extra entry in the F8 menu for my newly installed leopard? For some reason it's not there, even though the CD can boot my leopard partition (resulting in a kernel panic), I can't seem to go into the F8 menu and manually boot the Installed Leopard Operating System
  14. hi, I've been trying to install Leopard for days now and I can't get it in and booting I was wondering a quick question: Why can't I select my Leopard install after hitting F8 in the boot CD options? The leopard install simply isn't in the list all I can boot from when I hit F8 is the Leopard Install CD.. hd(32,1) Leopard AMD Install or what ever it's name is Although, when I just let the boot CD count down (without pressing F8), it finds the bootable volume and attempts to boot it Some attributes of my system: 40GB ATA Hard drive One 40GB partition labled "leopard" MBR as the boot loader AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ Gigabyte Motherboard - M61P-S3 Any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. Creating Partition Map error

    Yep, I too am a victim of this... Sata issue in OSX 10.5.1.. it is the a frustrating thing to ever wind up with.. but anyway.. I can say the following methods do not work for a 250GB Weston Digital (for future reference): - deleting all partitions on a drive and asking OSX Installer to create HFS+ (Journalised) - creating an un-formatted partition and asking OSX Installer to format disk1s3 (or what ever) And a side issue, I've got an authentic 6GB Apple IDE Hard drive, but the damn thing is too small for like.. the last 100 mb or so of the actual Operating System.. *anger* but like you say, I think it's time to simply fork out the money for an IDE drive and hope you have enough IDE controllers on your motherboard