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dual boot leopard and xp

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Hi it is far more easier than i thought.

First make sure you have the valid Hachintosh compatable System.

pl. have kalyway 5.1 leo dvd.

if you already have xp installed in your computer it is further easy.

you need not to lose any of your existing apps and config.

Take the image of the xp instalation and save the diskimage (.tib) to external hdd or dvd.

For this you need acronis truimage bootable cd (any version will do)

if you dont have xp installed.

You have to start from scratch.

First install xp and complete the installation.Then create the image as said before.

now put the kalyway 5.1 dvd in drive start from it.

(assuming you know how to set the bios to boot from dvd drive)

once menu comes cick "continue" , "agree" Etc..

Go to disk utility from Utility menu.

Select the disk you wanted to intall leopard and xp.

select the main disk otherwise partition menu will not be visible at the side.

click on partition tab.

click on volume scheme.select any scheme two or more.

once scheme selected.

select the first partion. set the file system to "MS-DOS FAT"

Select the Second partition set the file system to "MAC OS EXTENDED JOURNALED"

if you selected more than two partition scheme you can select any file system for remaining partitions.

Important : You should select "MBR" option from option.

install leopard in second partition.

Then install every thing as per kalyway instructions.

once leopard up and running.

insert acronis boot cd in dvd rom drive.

boot from it.

click recovery select the saved xp instalation image(.tib).

restore the image to first partition.(very important here is don't change the partition type to active)

Leave the second partition as it is(primary and active)

restoring partition will be primary not active (dont change any thing)

Once restored remove the acronis cd and restart system.

when it says "press any key"press any key and select first drive by using top arrow key and enter.

Leopard automatically sets the timeout to 3 seconds if you selected "mbr" Option.

now it boots to "Xp" every thing will be fine.

If you wanted to start Leopard Just restart don"t Press any now you're in Mac world.

Do you think any thing can be much easier.

If you think it is daunting you better buy An "Apple system"

Hope it's useful.Full credits goes to all Hackintosh community.


With love from india chennai.

My system

DG33fb MB

C2D 4400 @2ghz

2 gb ddr2 @667 mhz

samsung sata dvd rw

2x80 gb hdd

nvidia 7300gt 256mb

19'' Lg lcd

usb kb and mouse

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