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  1. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Nope, doesn't work, just front mic and rear line-in, which is already a huge progress, so let's just call it a day I think you can make this the final version, maybe someone else will have more luck
  2. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    The pink input is still silent with the last config, unfortunately... Am I supposed to place the Platforms xml somewhere?
  3. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Manual mode (layout id 11) works as expected, both line-ins showing. In SwitchMode I've made a change and configured the front mic as a microphone instead of line-in and set the port as internal+jack, and surprise, surprise, OSX sees it as an internal microphone now(see attached screenshot). Only thing missing now(for the sake of perfection) is the pink microphone input in the back at node 27, which I've tried adding the same way but it doesn't get detected. Regardless, I would consider this done
  4. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Ok, I can confirm that front input is detected as line-in and music being played from my phone is being picked up now. Attached screenshot as to how it looks like in System Profiles and System Preferences(notice the VU meter). Is there any difference between the input being configured as line-in or as microphone?
  5. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Awesome news, SwitchMode works perfectly too, thanks. Here's a spec sheet of my system(pre-built SFF Fujitsu) http://www.fujitsu.com/be/Images/prel-ds-ESPRIMO-E910-E90.pdf As far as outputs go, it's all smooth sailing. Regarding inputs, nothing changed with the new kext. The pink microphone input in the back and the mic input in the front still don't work(just the blue line-in does).
  6. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Ok I can confirm that the blue Line In port in the back is working(used a 3,5mm cable connected to my phone playing music, which gets picked up properly in Audacity and the VU meter in the settings). The front mic port, for whatever reason doesn't pick up any sounds at all. Any ideas what's wrong? Although, to be fair, microphone/line-in is not a priority for me. If I happen to need to do some recordings, I would use a USB mic anyway. So it would be nice to have all the inputs working just in case some other user with the same codec would need it sometime in the future...
  7. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Great thanks, gonna give it a try and report back. One thing I don't get though, don't I have to also figure out a correct path map for each node for this to work? Or are there preconfigured correct layout ids that make this unnecessary? Edit: Wooo, we're getting somewhere, I have sound output!(microphone I can not test since I don't have one at hand). What did you mean by SwitchMode config?
  8. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    I have the CX20642 on a Fujitsu desktop board, which I assume is not much different from that one, and I've been trying on and off for the last two weeks on my own to get this thing working without VoodooHDA, and nothing. Could anyone more knowledgeable please have a look at my codec? Thanks. codec_dump.txt
  9. Watching Videos with Intel mobile 4

    I can confirm that PPC VLC (at least) up to 0.8.4 will work. However, only beginning with 0.8.5 was VLC compiled for intel machines, meaning that non universal binary versions will run in Rosetta, resulting in a great performance loss and a much greater heat output.
  10. Watching Videos with Intel mobile 4

    Mplayer OS X does a very good job on my install, it even launches very quickly. It enables me to play HD(!) 720p videos on my Hack, even smaller 1080p files seem to work fine for me. Another method would be running a virtual machine with windows, thus allowing you to use VLC for video, I have successfully used this method to play 1080p files. But, for non-HD content like divx movies Quicktime 7+Perian will do a great job. Btw, HD Flash videos like 720p youtube or hulu also seem to play smoothly for me.
  11. Intel X3100 HDMI out

    have you tried the "identify monitor" in the display prefpane with the projector attached? If that doesn't work, there ain't no hope left ,sorry
  12. GMA X4500

    hey, could you remote desktop/ssh to connect to your computer and see what's up even with that black screen? If you do please post your results.
  13. GMA X4500

    are you getting native resolution?
  14. GMA X4500

    why not ask the developer himself?
  15. GMA X4500

    We do not know that yet, but if we get that framebuffer kext working, that would be a good start. Another idea of mine would be to make hybrid x3100/gma hd FrankenKexts, so that we mix them in a way that results in something usable. Now, the problem with that would be that it would require a lot of testing, and due to the fact that I am very busy with school, I cannot do all those tests. No, absolutely no, the release notes from the graphics update clearly state that at least 10.6.3 is required.