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Share network connection over bluetooth


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I have one Mac with working network and working bluetooth.

On my new Dell XPS M1530 I only have working bluetooth (I've a truemobile card in the post).


Going a bit nuts I was going through the networking settings and discovered that I can share my network connection to my new hackintosh over bluetooth.


On machine with working network

1) In bluetooth select to share internet.

2) In Sharing select to share internet, select to share over bluetooth.


On machine in need

1) In bluetooth add a new device. Select your machine with internet.

2) In networking, create a new Bluetooth PAN interface.

3) From the bluetooth icon on top select your other machine with internet and select connect.


4) Open safari and post here!


* neglected to mention that the devices need to pair with passcodes so keep em close while doing this.


Dunno if I'm a bit behind discovering this but I'm stoked I've internet on my lappy now. Hopefully I won't need to use this solution for very long but hopefully it will be handy for other people in my situation.

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