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  1. The new apple TV has already been hacked and all. It's at a very attractive enough price point that you can stick one in every room. With such an attractive price point I think there will be a lot of interest in getting what we want out of it. But will it ever happen? I was hoping that one day being able to run xbmc on my PS3 but with the state of drivers etc. I know it will never happen so I'm looking elsewhere for a good solution. Could the new apple TV be it. The problem as I see it is codec support, with the atv hacked new codecs could possibly be installed in the form of applications. I suppose my question really at this point. Do anyone know if this is likely to be possible? Will the hardware be able to support decoding using other codecs? Also, do anone know of any projects ongoing already trying to accomplish this?
  2. So long and thanks for all the fish. My laptop had a horrible accident a few weeks back, yes, it was fatal. Pondering the purchase I realized that I was running os x 100% of the time and although I thoroughly enjoyed hacking away with different kexts and getting it all working I don't have the time to do so most of the time. Upgrades are scary! I'm now waiting for my brand spanking new imac to be delivered. I still wanted to thank all the people in this thread that has helped me out over the past year and a half. Thanks! I think apple should be proud of the effort that is being put in to run their OS on other hardware. If it wouldn't have been possible I still would have been running Linux - and happily so. Hackintosh is a bit like an entry drug that way thanks, dantastic
  3. It happened al of a sudden, my mouse is awfully jerky. both trackpad and external usb mouse. any known fix for this? I tried to create another user account but that didn't fix it either
  4. yes, all done. Question to everyone, is your M1530 really really hot? Mine is really hot all the time even doing nothing. With speedstep working and CPU sitting there at just 800mhz. I have another laptop, a dell d630 running linux and it's never even close to being as hot as the xps. I've never run windows on this laptop so I don't know if it's a OS X thing or just rubbish cooling on this model. Thoughts?
  5. Talisman, champion altogether! What I did was boot off an old boot-132 CD - Was then able to boot the vanilla kernel. Once I had verified that Aperture was working I just used my old tried and tested kexts (right or wrong...) skipping a few such as nvinject that the DSDT takes care of. I've just speedstep left, everything else is working. Cheers!
  6. What steps do I need to take in order to run vanilla kernel on my system. I tried to upgrade yesterday from 10.5.4 to 10.5.7 and it went horrible wrong. Having all my important stuff backed up and on a separate partition I decided to install clean. I have a m1530 1) installed kalyway 10.5.1 - (would love to install retail, I actually have a real retail disk but I cannot get it to boot have tried all boot CDs) 2) installed chameleon/netkas efi v9 3) installed bandon's DSDT.aml 4) installed ideneb's 10.5.7 update. This is pretty much where I am now. My system will only boot with the anv kernel. not with voodoo not with vanilla not with mach_kernel from apple. I have graphics, sleep and all working so I know I haven't done too bad. Reason why I desperately want to run vanilla is that I use Aperture and it is crashing on startup, seems to be a kernel call from the logs. I don't care what kernel I use as long as Aperture works. I have gone through wingur21's guide at http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=119654 but I'm unsure what else applies to me. I would be a tosser if I didn't say where in the startup process it's hanging but truth is that it's not always the same place! It often hang at or around ... /usr/sbin/ocspd[47]: starting It isn't crashed just hanging there forever. Do I need to delete any kexts or add any kexts?
  7. Hi, haven't been here for a while so I've better ask. I'm running 10.5.4 and should probably update. Running vanilla kernel but the usual extra kexts. my bootloader is from kalyway 10.5.1 ... can't remember what bootloader exactly. What is the safest way of upgrading? Just apple bundle - install - hope for the best or is there a kalyway upgrade or similar abouts? thanks!
  8. I want to re-install using the boot-132 method but I can't get the retail DVD to load properly. Dell XPS M 1530 - nvidia 8600gt I have tried the generic boot disk, the dell boot disk and the xps boot disk but the DVD will not load properly. It is always hanging. What image have you used to get this going on this hardware? Also, my retail DVD is version 10.5.0, do I need a later version or should this work?
  9. I have tried Superhai's EHCISleepEnabler but it broke my keyboard, or if it was mu mouse, can't remember. it wasn't good anyway. I really don't care too much about sleep though.... I could maybe give that a go again though. That should work on an xps m1530, yea?
  10. kokoro, I don't have sleep working. Never needed it so haven't bothered troubleshooting it. If sleep is a requirement to get sound working correctly I may rethink though. At the moment putting the lappy to sleep just reboots it.
  11. Sound problems with xps m1530. I re-installed my lappy a while back, running everything as vanilla as possible. I installed at the time the AppleHDA.kext with mute fix. Was working perfectly! - then a week or so later it just stopped working. When I say it stopped I mean that after rebooting there's no sound. I have sound sometimes, maybe after 1 out of 5 reboots and sound is back. I have tried to re-install the kext, repair permissions, all tricks of the trade but I could not get consistent behavour. I have now reverted back to using taruga's patcher and sound is working again. However, I can't get mute and the volume difference between speakers and headphones' just massive. Is there any way I can grab the volume bits from the patched AppleHDA kext and insert it into my kext that is somewhat working? Have anyone else had this issue? Maybe able to identify what I could have installed that made sound go belly up? I have read the sticky that sound is somewhat experimental but damnit I had it working and I don't know how I broke it