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one possible way to install osx on full partition


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I am writing this for both myself and n00bs alike...I've never used Darwin and I have only used a little bit of linux and know some of the basics. Thanks to BurnettX360 for the basic tutorial. This is applied to my own setup. Please comment if i have something wrong.....i'm also looking for input in step 5 for my specific configuration (2 HDs)


1) Install two HD's (HD1-12GB and HD2-10GB). OSX is installed and configured on HD2 on the master primary partition (6GB) and there is a second HFS primary partition (4GB).


2) Download and burn Darwin 8.01 to cd.


3) Boot off of the Darwin cd


4) Install Darwin onto HD1 primary partion (only partition)...again i haven't used Darwin before...it is my understanding that it takes you through installation.


5) While in darwin, transfer OSX from HD2 to HD1 with ditto with the following. I'm not sure what the command is. BurnettX360 used the following but i suspect his setup is different and this command wouldn't work on my setup...input would be greatly appreciated


type cp -RLv /volumes/tiger-osx86/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Bom.framework /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks

type /volumes/tiger-osx86/usr/bin/ditto -rsrc/Volumes/tiger-osx86 /


6) Repair permissions.


type: diskutil repairpermissions /


7) Boot a Linux boot CD (ubuntu) to delete the old osx86 partition on HD2 and set the new one on HD1 (with OpenDarwin + ditto-ed copy of osx86) active.

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