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  1. setec

    Success with Gateway 450XL Laptop

    Hmm, I know this isn't the best answer, but you might want to try downloading the 10.4.4 , 10.4.5 or 10.4.6 DVD ISOs and see if something newer works. If you have built in wireless and it works, then go up a few posts to see the directions for that on 10.4.4. Just keep some of your old 10.4.3 files.
  2. Anyone else have an answer to this other than "Wrong Forum"? I am also looking for the best way to upgrade 10.4.4 to 10.4.5 before finally attempting to goto 10.4.6.
  3. setec

    Success with Gateway 450XL Laptop

    My laptop keyboard and touchad worked right away. I didn't have to do anything special to get it working. Here are the specs for your M520 from Gateway.com: So, your definetly using a different video card then me. So, this limits me on how I can help. Have you tried searching this forum for other Conexant sound card users? Also, what version OS are you using?
  4. setec

    Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    Installed Firmware Fine. Booted into MAC OS, ran Boot CAMP, made drivers cdrom, repartitioned on the fly, rebooted, installed XP Pro great with drivers. However, my MAC OS X is now corrupt on my MacBook Pro. Looks like my only choice is to reinstall everything. I am backup up my data now on the XP side using MacDrive and an HFS formatted firewire drive. Anyway, someone thought to use the fsck_hfs to repair his MAC disk. It worked for him, but not for me. But if it works for others, here is the link: Repair HFS after Boot Camp corrupts it
  5. I would say that is either photoshopped or its a MAC OS Window Skin under XP. They don't make a version o SpeedFan for Mac, according to their website. http://www.almico.com/sffaq.php
  6. Try Camino. I dumped Firefox on the Mac for this by Mozilla. And its a Universal Binary. http://www.caminobrowser.org/ And when you said it did the 10.4.5 automatically. Do you mean during your DVD install or from system update?
  7. setec

    ntfs partition & macosx

    Using WinXP's diskpart command you can create an Apple partition: create partition primary size=6660 id=af You can make the size whatever you want or just leave it blank to use all the free space left that is unaccounted for.
  8. setec

    Problems with booting up MacOsX

    What kind of computer do you have? Are you dual-booting with Windows XP or is the MAC OS X the only operating system?
  9. setec

    Problems with booting up MacOsX

    What are your system specs? And is it possible for you to get the exact error message? This would help greatly. Thanks.
  10. You could try unpluging your SATA drive(s) and try booting directly from the IDE drive with OS X. I had to do that on a Dell Dimension 8400 that used both SATA and IDE. I never did get SATA working on that. This way if it boots into OS X, you can narrow the problem down to SATA and search the threads for a solution.
  11. Yes, its possible to speed things up by deleting unneeded kext files, but every system is different, so its hard to say which ones you don't need. BACKUP ANY KEXT FILE YOU WISH TO DELETE in case something goes wrong.
  12. setec

    OSx86 Problems

    What kind of sound cards do you have? And does your wired ethernet work?
  13. setec

    ntfs partition & macosx

    Yes, your Mac OS X will automatically mount your NTFS partition so you can READ the files. And MAC OS X uses HFS+ as a fle system. And your english is just fine.
  14. How odd. Try running disk utility to repair permissions and maybe reboot for good measure. If you have to sudo to reboot, it just sounds like a permissions issue to me.
  15. setec

    Will not Boot

    you can try to use the "Ultimate Boot CD" to boot into the apple partition, but it sounds like the bootloader is not setup properly. What kind of system do you have? Are you dual-booting with XP? and what Mac OS X version are you trying to install?