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Quick Question... Hopefully (mach_kernel)

El Barto

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I've been following this guide to help me get Leopard installed on my eeePC.

I have been doing the leg work of making a workable iso on my G4 quicksilver with OS X Server (10.4) installed.

I have encountered a problem when attempting to replace the original kernel with the patched mach_kernel that is SSE2 compatable. When I download a patched version to my mac desktop and unzip it it automatically becomes hidden. I know it is there because it shows up in the terminal.

I've tried coping one over from my PC but it won't let me write that one to the mounted volume becuase of user rights.


Is there anyway to make this file visable? Or can I copy it over while invisalbe using the terminal?


Thanks in advance for any help.



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