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ICYDOCK External Enclosures

Thaddeus Smith

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So I had 3 x 300GB SATA drives moping around because they were unused. I've looked at external enclosures before and most of them are cheesy colors with obnoxious LED's, bulky, and generally unattractive ...


I like external drives, but didnt see a need in buying a Lacie, etc since I already had the raw storage laying around. A Drobo doesnt really suit my needs either. And then I came across the ICYDOCK brand. It's everything I could need or want in an enclosure. I went with the MB559 series, picking up the white FW800/USB package and a couple of extra sleds. Works like a charm, great build quality, matches my MacBook Pro (aesthetics are important ;) ), and keeps things easy. I highly recommend to anyone searching around with similar needs.




(That's the FW800 model. They also sport FW400 and Esata, for a little less $$)

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