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  1. Thaddeus Smith

    DSLR Icons

    yes! gracias...
  2. Thaddeus Smith

    DSLR Icons

    I know I've seen nikon/canon dslr icon sets before, but I can't for the life of me remember? Anyone have quick suggestions?
  3. Thaddeus Smith

    How Would You Defend Psystar

    what's to defend? {censored} 'em ...
  4. Thaddeus Smith

    Who want snow leopard forum

    is this the right place to talk about snow leopard?
  5. negative how? some random dude pops up and says "store your photos, contacts, files, and calendar information on my webserver" and I should? no indication of security, privacy, or trustworthiness? sure, I'd love an alternative to .mac ..but I want it installed on my webserver where I can control access and privacy. If, however, you disagree ..then please give me your social security number, last three addresses, and mother's maiden name so I can help the mac community do something. not sure what yet, but I promise I'm a nice guy.
  6. Thaddeus Smith

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    who are you talking to? if me .. I set that option in Cocktail>Interface>Dock>"Force the dock to side-style mode"
  7. Thaddeus Smith

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    simple , but fun...
  8. Thaddeus Smith

    Your Greatest Photos

    is that a flapjack rabbit?
  9. Thaddeus Smith

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    what are the two apps to the left of your parallels icon?
  10. Thaddeus Smith

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    ooooo , share this wall please!
  11. Thaddeus Smith

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    what is your adium contact list theme? mucho like-o...
  12. Thaddeus Smith

    Need reports/business cases/etc supporting apple

    zero input from anyone?
  13. Thaddeus Smith

    Got new macbook... kinda flawed

    here's my advice ... quit trying to be a trendy douche. buy a laptop and just use it. the "upgrades" between yearly releases are nominal and do nothing more than keep their revenues going. lemme guess ..you have an e-trade account and are constantly shifting your shares??
  14. I'm currently on a MBP and will be losing it as I transition into a new documentation role. The boss is open to getting me a Mac, but I need some solid data to help with my proposal for needing one in a documenation/project management capacity. Can't quite seem to find the google search that gives me the data I'm looking for. Help please.