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System shuts itself off


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Hi All,



My Wife's hackintosh that I built last september has started a strange new behavior. It will shut itself off when it's sitting idle, but not during use (light or heavy use). The processor is running a little hot, but I don't know for sure how much because Temperature Monitor doesn't seem to pick up the sensor for it. Here are the system specs:


cpu: pentium d 805

mobo: MSI 945GM3-F

ram: corsair 1GB stick (forget the model number)

The case is a case/psu combo so I'm not sure on the specs for the PSU: Dynex DX-500CC (500W psu)


Edit: Guess I spoke to soon, while she was using it, it shut itself off. My best guess is it's running too hot and is shutting off to save itself, but maybe it's something else?


Also, it's running 10.4.9, and I know that with the leopard installation on my comp, I had to remove to kexts so that the CPU would run cooler. Will the same thing work on her computer?



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