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Asrock ALIVENF7G-HDREADY - Good for Leopard?


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Hi all,


My sister had a PC gift and she wants me to install Leopard (dual with XP) on it.


The PC specs are:


- Asrock AliveNF7G-HDREADY

*I don't know the revision because I can't open the case (warranty issue) .. CPU-Z reports blank

- AMD64 X2 4200+

- 2 x 1gb Corsair 667 ddr2 (dual channel mode)

- 160gb Seagate SATA hdd

- Tohsiba *something* IDE DVDRW

- Graphics card is built-in Nforce 7050/630a

- Probably a cheap PSU

- 17' Samsung CRT monitor

- cheap keyboard / ugly mouse - both PS2


ATM, I'm download Zephyroth's DVD 10.5.2 .. I think its going to take about 2 more days ;) d@mn ISP


Does anybody know if this will work?


Should I just give up in downloading the AMD Leo dvd? Also, I can't mess up with the preinstalled windows XP .. I'll be forced to dual boot using acronis suite & os selector .. (She also wants GUI based OS selection.. grrr)


So what do you guys think? What can you say about this motherboard running the all mighty Leopard?


Is the chipset fully supported Nforce7050/630a? How about the Nvidia 7050 Built-in gfx card .. do I still have to use Nvinstaller v33 or use gfx-efi string (does gfx-efi work with amd?)? I heard that the LAN will work with forcedeth kext but you have to unplug the powercord for 30 secs to make it work. I'm almost positive that the audio will work, thanks to Tagura :)


Should I just tell my sister to get stuck with Windows? lol


BTW, I already have a working Intel Hack and I'm "quite" familiar with working around with the kexts and stuff. But at heart, I'm still a noob.


Masters, what can you say?


Thank you so much.



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