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Re-installing Leopard, Need to get files first!


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Ok, this is a very simple task and it's giving me all kinds of problems. Broke my install again trying to fix my video drivers, and now after restoring my backups of the drivers the damn thing still won't boot. I have another drive in the PC now that I have formatted as HFS+. I simply need to copy the data from my user folder on the hosed Leopard installation to the other HFS formatted HDD before re-installing the OS. I boot from the iATKOS DVD and open disk utility to make sure that all drives are showing up. The I open terminal to do a manual copy. I try the following commands at the terminal, and all it does is complain that the directory doesn't exist!


cd /Volumes/Leopard/users/[my username]/downloads

cp /Volumes/Leopard/users/[my username]/downloads ... /Volumes/Restore


This should copy the the contents of the downloads folder from my user profile on the hosed install to the root of the HFS+ formatted volume named "Restore". Maybe my syntax is wrong, but that's the format i gave me when I typed in


cp /? at the terminal.


Any help extremely appreciated as I need to get this data before re-installing. I tried TransMac, but it totatlly sucks. It is incredibly slow! It ran for 8 hours copying 8 GB of data and only got to 40%! However, if I use Paragon to save to NTFS drives in Leopard it is just a fast as saving to them directly from Windows! Go figure!

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