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Will this system work with Tiger?


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Intel 2ghz p4

soyo mobo

512mb pc133 ram

128mb geforce fx5200 8x agp video card

Soundblaster Live! Sound Card

10/100 NIC (unknown brand/make)


Can get it real cheap but dont want to waste my time if it's not going to work.



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Please take the time to research next time before posting. I'll help anyway, but please remember that when you are asking next time:




All P4s to my knowledge support at least SSE2 so you should be OK with that, although you need a Core 2 Duo or Pentium Dual Core to use a vanilla kernel. Try to find out the exact model of that processor.




Never heard of SOYO motherboards before this. Check the exact model and chipset, I can't tell otherwise if it will work


Video Card


You should be OK with that card, although Leopard doesn't exactly play nice with AGP cards. See here:




Sound Card


Won't work, SoundBlaster cards are not supported by OS X




Don't know until you get the exact model and make.

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