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P5W DH Raid0 Results


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I have 2 Seagates 320gb in raid0 on leopard. They will soon be 2 raptors.. but for now.. here are my disk results





absolutely no advanced set up required.. simply the normal set up to get raid0 on the board.. boot into osx.. format the drive in diskutility, good to go.

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well.. that partition is empty. You should see how quick it drops when i fill it up. I plan to get another raptor and put it in raid0.

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NICE, the raptors do pretty good in raid, hope they are not too noisy...


today i finally received a new CPU, Q9300, overclocked to low 3 GHz and my diskbench went up too.





thats not too bad for these slow samsungs.


On a german forum poeple diskuss the increase in workspeed using a SSD. XP boot from 69 sek to 46 sek, winrar test 44 sek to 30 sek, applications pop up instantly on mouseclick...



I hope it will be the same with Leo....



happy hacking...



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nice speed guys ! are those results with empty disks ?? how much diskspace was in use already?

with my two raptors (only 36GB) using raid0 I can´t get a better result than 112 in disk test.

that´s probably because of the smaller 8 MB cache

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well initially it was done with a fresh install of leopard.. but now i have it more than half way filled and i get same results.

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Hey guys,


I've been trying to get raid0 to boot, but it gets stuck on a black screen with a cursor. That's when I install directly on to a raid set (using the installer's disk utility to set it up)


I've since deleted the set and installed onto a single drive and it's working, but i'd like to stripe it.


I've got an Asus P5K-E, Q6600 and 2xSeagate 500's.


Did you stripe it after getting it running? or during install?

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Guys, i have asus p5wdh dlx + Q6600 with Xbench 150+. I saw this threat topic which produce higher Xbench for same config. So, my question; is it boot leopard with raid0 better than using exist sata? or better leave raid0 for data+movie?? :-)



Got it from your howto:

--RAID 0 (Fast Raid) or 1(Mirror) On Asus P5W DH--

Raid 0 works natively, and perfectly with this board.

Raid 0 pairs 2 identical hard drives for increased (sometimes double) performance.

Raid 1 backs up the first hard drive simultaneously with the second drive for back up.


Most motherboards have software raid. It uses the on board S-Ata controller, and drivers for windows to emulate Raid0. The Asus P5W DH on the other hand has 3 Raid options, 1 working in Leopard. There is 2 software Raids, Jmicron, ICH7R. Then there is the Hardware Raid.


The 2 Orange ports on the Asus P5W DH, labeled "EZ_Raid" are is infact a hardware raid controller. Silicon Image. Using Raid0 in Leopard is as easy as doing it in windows with this controller.


-Simply plug in the 2 identical hard drives to the 2 orange ports, switch the pin on the motherboard to Raid 0 or Raid 1.


-Boot into bios, Enable the Setting "EZ_Raid Mode change" which will stay enabled for ONE boot only, don't worry when it is disabled later.


-Install Leopard, or windows, like normal. The drive is labeled "External Disk 0"


As an example of the speed, a good S-ATA drive at 7200RPM scores about 80mb/s in both read and write on xbench. My raptor 10k RPM scores about 105mb/s in read and write. With 2 of those babies in raid 0, I score 205mb/s every time.



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