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  1. Nice. Thank you very much. with my i7 3930k at 4,4 GHz i get 3506 and 20625 http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench3/284429
  2. Could you please post some benchmarks of this machine? Geekbench would be nice....
  3. Try a USB Bluray Burner. No sleep problem, no Sata Port needed, ans who uses that anyways?
  4. On Socket 1366 the Xeons were usually better processors to overclock.... I have a rock solid GA-x58 ud5 with a air-cooled Xeon 3520 running at 4 GHz and performing better than my MacPro 3,1. Basically it is the 2009 Macpro at a fraction of the cost. Sleep, Lan, Sound everything works. Machine makes 9000 Geekbench points. Today you can either go cheap with a z77 board and i7 2600k or 3770k, you will get 13000 up to 16000 Geekbench points for about 750 Euro. But if you really need the CPU power and the cores you have to add 350 for a Socket 2011 and a six core CPU. This gets you over clocked to about 21000 Points. And no, I am not a fan of Geekbench, but it is easy and fast to compare the results to real macs. And yes, I own all of the machines I am writing about....
  5. This is the guide you asked for and your fellow osm@rbcn was kind enough to search for you and post it for you.... So read it and learn, and use google from time to time. happy hacking
  6. PowerMac G5 3 Pin Power Button

    Do a search and you find: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&p=246466 works like a charm....
  7. Universal G5 Motherboard Bezel

    For my new project I found a G5 case. Thanks to ebay and the more and more dying G5-Mainboards. The soldering seems to be a real problem. I plan to use the original standoffs, as I did in my first conversion. Just used a graphics-card in PCI slot - standoffs to the mainboard - glue on the standoffs - graphics card fixed to the case backpanel slot. The mainboard is fixed really well if you use a dual slot card. And the final position of the mainboard is pretty much the same as the original one. I could easily put the rear fan assembly back in place. I can see only the problem of the depth of the bezel...but you can use the depth of the pci slots... go make the damn thing, I need a Sandybridge rendering machine...the new case will be here next week ;-)))))
  8. Universal G5 Motherboard Bezel

    I am looking for another G5 Case here in Germany... So I am in for two. What is the Euro/Dollar exchange rate?
  9. Universal G5 Motherboard Bezel

    I am in for one... How much is it? How fast can you deliver? ;-) The small one looks nicer, but I think by cutting you might loose the lower part of the fan-assembly. If this is not the case, I have that one...
  10. [SOLVED] X58A-UD7 and i7 980x

    Had similar problems with different ATI cards and Dell 3008. Kakewalk install worked fine, 4870 connected via DVI to Dell 3008 resulted in black screen after boot, but Snow was loading fine. Sending machine to sleep and waking up with power button...Desktop loads fine, picture on Dell. ATI 5770 and 5870 only worked with tonymacs Bootloader - Chameleon 2.0 RC5 - ATI Experimental, same no Desktop on Dell via DVI, but working fine after wakep from sleep Dell connected via Displayport worked without sending machine to sleep. Another thing is, that my backpanel USB-ports worked perfect with my Apple USB keyboard for wakeup from sleep. But the onboard ports connected via header to my frontpanel could not wakeup the machine...
  11. Build G5 from Parts

    No. Low end, old, used G5 go here in Germany for under 200 Euros. Some people sell them in as parts to get more money for. If you buy the parts, risk of buying parts, that dont fit is high, risk of damage as you assemble them is even higher. What will you get by buying cheap stuff? Cheap product...which is a waste of money and therefore expensive... I bought a single prozessor 1,8 G5 for 165 Euros on Ebay, just for my collection. Took me 3 months to get this cheap deal. You could try to get a cheap one on ebay... if you have to wait...you can use the time to save the money...
  12. ATI HD 5770

    And then its only 3 months to the release of the 7770....well if you can get a Card As powerfull and quiet as a 5770 for only 120 euros, how much more Power do you need?
  13. My PowerMac G5 case mod

    Backpanel is also my problem... I wanted to use the original fans and covers, which was not a big deal. but there is not enough space to solder the cut fragment to the pc-board... sorry for the crappy pics.
  14. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Here is a short feedback on the Cable: Received it, everything works fine, good quality, even more printed documentation than on real Apple products ;-). So thank you very much.... good job!!! And one more thing... If you ever come to germany and like to drink a cold local beverage, just get back to me. Happy Hacking
  15. I didnĀ“t cut the case, just added lots of USB-Ports and made everything work with usb... I use a Soundblaster Xfi, boot time went down to 6 seconds, and no more problems with lost audio on Gigabyte-board.... Bluetooth dongle is small enough to fit in the case. Network Cards either PCI or USB, wired or wireless possible. And the machine works fine, quiet and cool...