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Network doesn't want to work


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I've got a huge problem! I installed OS X86 (10.4 - Tiger).

I wanted to use my internet by connecting via a LAN network.

Mac couldn't find my network device, so I bought a new one and I put it in.

It now works. When I go to "Network" in the "System Preferences" menu, it fills in everything for me

(it finds my IP-adress, gateway etc.). So, this means it can locate my LAN network.

But when I go to safari, it sais I don't have any connection with the internet.

When I go to "network assistance", it also shows my IP adress etc.


Does anyone now what I've done wrong, or what I should change in my Mac / Network?


1 thing: The main computer of the network is a Windows computer, this computer is the only mac in the whole network / LAN thing. But I heard from someone that it shouldn't make any difference...


Can somebody please help me?


Thank you!

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if the network works, you should see a green light next to ethernet.

maybe you assigned to identical ip adresses and your router is confused.


and try to assign dhcp with manual ip adress, most people had problems with automatic assigned ip´s.

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