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Hardware spezifications of MAC...for Cloning and RETAIL install

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Hello all :)


I thought to myself....why not get a OSX 10.5 in store and install it on a PC which is especially for OSX.

I don't have the money to buy a Mac Pro just to play some games or other things, but i would spend 150€ for the OSX.


Well it looks like i have to replace some hardware in my PC but i'm ok with that.


If the right hardware...would it be possible to install the OSX Original on a PC without any install DVD modifications ?


Looks like a Core2 Duo is required, Intel 965 Chipset, ATI HD2400XT or 2600XT, X1950pro or a 8800GT

Not sure about the mainboard (which chipset) but a 8800GT is in the new Mac pro, so driver must be already on original DVD.


If anybody running Windows XP or Vista via Bootcamp...could you please post the hardware details.

Usually you can detect them with Everest Home Edition, SiSoft Sandra or Fresh Diagnose.


It would be really cool, to know which LAN and Chipset different MAC use.

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no you cannot install osx on a pc without modification.


it is a little ignorant, hello you, that you call all people round here stupid.

i ensure you we would have done it that way, if it were possible.


but if you could be so kind to phone steve jobs for the source codes of leopard and post them here.

we all could make quicker progress. post here, when you have it.


and by the way, if you are in apple store buy some efi-chips and the documentation for flashing them.

thx in advance.



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