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Adobe Flash 9 - Working


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I thought I should mention somewhere how i got Adobe Flash working on my x86 Leopard because otherwise all flash animations were just not working...


It is a simple fix, just right click on a FLASH applet (flash 9) and settings, then, change to the first tab (Display) and uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration. It worked for me - now the flash menus of sites etc load without problems.


According to the Adobe flash website "For hardware-accelerated scaling to work, you need ... Apple® Macintosh®, OS X v10.2 or higher". This suits what I have installed however the driver side of things may be affecting and causing this issue.


As I said above, I'm not too sure if this is an 'old' fix and if so kudos to fixers assuming it's actually a problem! However, just in case others were having the same problem - this is how it was fixed :rolleyes:


-- TheShadow

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