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  1. xps m1730

    Yeah, I was working on it with aqua-mac for a little while however nothing progressed >_<. X86 Tools produced an GFX EFI string for one of my cards (it was recognized, 512mb but no CI/QE) and then on second reboot it didn't work... What is your EFI string? I know it probably won't work on mine however it would be interesting to compare to the one I had from X86 Tools.
  2. xps m1730

    Did anything eventuate with this? I also have a M1730 and no Nvidia drivers seem to work with my SLI 8800M GTX.
  3. Adobe Flash 9 - Working

    I thought I should mention somewhere how i got Adobe Flash working on my x86 Leopard because otherwise all flash animations were just not working... It is a simple fix, just right click on a FLASH applet (flash 9) and settings, then, change to the first tab (Display) and uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration. It worked for me - now the flash menus of sites etc load without problems. According to the Adobe flash website "For hardware-accelerated scaling to work, you need ... Apple® Macintosh®, OS X v10.2 or higher". This suits what I have installed however the driver side of things may be affecting and causing this issue. As I said above, I'm not too sure if this is an 'old' fix and if so kudos to fixers assuming it's actually a problem! However, just in case others were having the same problem - this is how it was fixed -- TheShadow
  4. 10.5.2 update

    Once again I just installed it and it worked fine. Also make sure everything important is backed up and precautions are taken as per 10.5.2 update. Can I ask what graphics card you have?
  5. Hey Everyone I am using Leopard 10.5.2 on my PC and thankfully sound and lan both worked OOB. BUT when any UI sounds play like 'Sosumi' it sounds all distorted and unrecognisable. However when i play music from an MP3 or play the same UI sound files (System/Library/Sounds) in iTunes it plays perfectly so im guessing a OS X problem rather than drivers. A fix isn't mission critical, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Thanks, TheShadow
  6. 10.5.2 update

    Honestly all I did was download the kalaway update (even though im using iATKOS) then apply it. There was one time where it crashed and bricked my install so 2nd time round i made sure all cd's and network resources were un mounted which seemed to prevent it (maybe just placebo & coincidence ). There is a guide in the post http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=87078 which i didn't follow as i dont have Intel Core 2 Duo but it may be relevant to you. I repaired disk permissions (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility > Repair Disk Permissions) after I installed the update just to make sure. The update has the potential to brick your install assuming things go south so make sure you are backed up and prepared to reinstall just in case.
  7. [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    Haha, Success! Your solution worked a charm, a single reboot during grey apple had me worried but second boot was fine (and consecutive ones too ) For the record i am using the patched 1.0ir2. Thanks Again