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Problem on Install

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Ah, when I go to install, Disk Utility does not work (kalyway intel 10.5.1) to format drives or anything.. not that it matters as my HD is already partitioned/formatted how I want it anyway.


But, I go through and not far into the installer, where you select what drive/partition you want to install to, nothing shows up, as Disk Utility/installer cannot show it....


What's going on here, am I just stupid?

and is there a disk or a way to just update from 10.4.7 to 10.5.2 (since 10.5.2 is out) or just even to 10.5.1 with what I have now.


Thanks :(

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Okay... this has been torture.

Tried installing, got an install working with iatkos disc.


YET...It decided to hang on the "do you already own a mac" screen.

Tried to fix it by copying from an install I had (with 10.4.7)


and then it crashed, and I can't reinstall or get any of that to load.


This is quite a FUN FUN FUN adventure. LOL


Please, someone, help me out :)


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You're burning the DVD at lowest speed, and verifying the data on the disc?

The Disk Utility problem sounds like a faulty disc.


As for the "Do you own a Mac," it probably just did that to {censored} you off. :)

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24 more hours exactly.


Can't boot into Mac or install it flawlessly.



Thats the computer specs

only thing different is its 1024mb ram instead of 512.

and harddrive i'm trying to use is a working Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 - 80GB


Also have a working Hitachi Deskstar 200GB that isn't letting me install run from it


So i'm taking large guess it's not harddrive in the least LOL


because they both work.


Please help me out :rolleyes:

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Hey CL Corwin, sounds like you're meeting the brick wall.

I'm feeling a bit like in a similar boat. Got a pc in an asus ultra case, intel D940Gsomething MBR, intel 3.2 ghz cpu, 1GB ram, crappy video 16 mb video card that I'd like to switch w/ my new Geforce FX 5500 256 mb beasty..

have a bit of a long story.. not sure if this is the right place for it, but it sounds like you've tried some workarounds -

had an install (the guy I bought the machine from had made his own boot disk)

ONLY problem was that I didn't like the fact that I had to have the boot disk in every time.. and it only worked maybe 1 out of five shots.

so been trying the kalyway 10.5.1 dvd.

Haven't messed with the BIOS or EFI - been in a bit of contact with seller of the machine, he says just install Kalyway for sake of ease.


should I boot with his DVD, wipe the HD and then install Kalyway? when do I put the FX5500 in?

so much information out there.

any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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Ok this may help...



- Reboot off a Win XP or Vista CD/DVD


- Install to your HDD


- Download Leopard again -FORCE RECHECKING- The downloaded content if there are any hash fails


- Use PowerISO and burn at a -LOW SPEED- Then - VERIFY THE BURNED CONTENT-


- Boot off the Leopard DVD and your format + install + boot+ setup+ use should go swimmingly if you have OK hardware.

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