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Hackintosh + Apple Keyboard = ?

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I apologize if this has been covered, but due to Apple's simplistic naming, searching around for "Apple Keyboard" very rarely gets me to anything even close to what I'm looking for.


My keyboard just died (cat + mountain dew = bad) so I decided to head to my local Apple store and purchase one of the nice slim Apple Keyboards that I've been using at work.


My hackintosh is a dualboot between 10.5.2 (non-vanilla) and XP SP2. Motherboard is an Asus P5N32-SLI. The keyboard works great under XP, but has rather odd symptoms under OSX.


If I boot up with the keyboard plugged in, it does not work. If I unplug the keyboard, the machine locks up.

If I boot up without the keyboard plugged in (using a PS/2 instead), when I plug it in after boot, it still does not work. If I unplug it, the machine does not freeze.


In neither case does it appear under System Profiler.


Plugging in a Logitech G15 USB keyboard works fine in all cases.


Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated, as I'm pretty much stuck booted over to Windows until I can find a solution :guitar:

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