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Hello all...I'm back on the scene yet again after acquiring 2 Dell Optiplex GX270's for free. I need some help..I installed JaS 10.4.8 because I had that disc already. I want to upgrade to 10.4.9 in place, without having to format as I've already painstakingly copied my music library to this computer. Is it possible? If so, some guidance would be great.Also, the About This Mac box doesn't work. Any reason as to why? Should I have installed the 10.4.4 loginwindow app?Stats of the computer are:Dell Optiplex GX270Intel P4 2.8GHz (SSE2 only)512MB ram250GB HDDGeForce FX5200 256mb graphicsEverything worked OOtB except for graphics, just used the FX5200 graphic card installer that's on this site somewhere.I see something in another thread below that you can edit the systemversion.plist file to make it look like you have 10.4.9, how does one do that?

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Updating from 10.4.8 to 10.4.9 does not require any data deletion or anything, you don't even need a new kernel.


Steps to update to 10.4.9/10.4.10 without new kernel:

1) Open up the terminal and type "sudo -s" then "your password" then the following (line by line):


CODEcp /mach_kernel /old

cp -R /system/library/coreservices/loginwindow.app /

cp -R /system/library/extensions/AppleSMBIOS.kext /

cp -R /system/library/extensions/AppleACPIplatform.kext /

cp -R /system/library/extensions/AppleAPIC.kext /

cp -R /system/library/extensions/IOATAFamily.kext /

cp -R /system/library/extensions/system.kext /


2) Keep terminal open.

3) Open disk utility and keep it open


5) Open terminal and type the following:


CODEcp /old /mach_kernel

cp -R /loginwindow.app /system/library/coreservices/

cp -R /AppleSMBIOS.kext /system/library/extensions/

cp -R /AppleACPIplatform.kext /system/library/extensions/

cp -R /AppleAPIC.kext /system/library/extensions/

cp -R /IOATAFamily.kext /system/library/extensions/

cp -R /system.kext /system/library/extensions/

rm -rf /system/library/extensions.*


6) Open disk utility and repair permissions for your OS X partition

7) Pray and restart the system (unless you have GMA 900 or GMA 950--> read below)

8) Post pictures of your 10.4.9/10.4.10

NB:- The first system boot after the update might take very long and cause a couple of restarts.




GMA 900/950 users: (Do these steps after finishing above steps)


900: Go to this site http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/iATi.html download the GMA900 package and install it then reboot.


950: install the support files from the 10.4.8 DVD or any other source that you have.


Taken from:



I have personally used this method with success. And I didn't have to install support files, despite my GMA950.


Hope this helps!

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