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2 minor problems: Tohkernel, and, install xp after mac?

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Im long time lurker and finally signed up =P

Im running a Toshiba L20 laptop.

Installed fine =D =D no problems.

Totall formatted, making 2 partitions (1 for mac, one for xp).

Oh and im using the 2 wire trick =D


Problem one:

I could not boot for a while, it just restarted, but when i type 'tohkernel cpus=1 (-x -f sometimes)' it boots.

Do i have to type this all the time or is there a way around it? And do i need to patch my osx with this brazillian usb 123 thing p.s. using Kalways leopard. (if yes how? i dont wanna screw my pc up again :censored2: )


Question two:

I totally screwed up my pc by setting up mac on same pc as xp, then i patched my mac using the brazillian thing, and then i couldnot switch on my pc, i had black screen of death, lol.

Well, now i totally formatted, as i said, i made 2 partitions, one of them NFTS for xp.

How can I install xp now? bootcamp (if yes how)? Just install normally by inserting cd and selecting the partition?




I have read alot, but i have not seen any posts relating to Q2. And P1 i have seen hundreds of threads but no real answere.

Thank you soooo much in advance!!

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Ok i have solved a few things.

I installed xp, worked fine =D




Hmmm, i noticed this Enhancer thing loading up if i dont do tohkernel. I read i should remove it, and it would stop rebooting if i try loading without tohkernel.

Anyone explain please? =D

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Sorry, mate I don't have a clue about the enhancer thing, but if you're confident doing it and don't mind having to reinstall everything just in case things go {censored}-up, then by all means, go ahead.


HOwever, as you are the only other person one here with an L20 (that I can find!), I was wondering if you could help me install Leopard on mine, as I have tried so many times, and not once has it succeded! (Not sure if I should PM you instead)


If I do get Leopard working on mine, I shall share with you any problems and/or solutions I have. :)



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