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  1. Just got my new MSI Wind (Advent) - I got the last one in PCWorld Only one problem so far, the laptop really doesn't like my wifi; it keeps cutting out for no reason - VERY irritating O,h and one final thing, I can't seem to find any "warranty void if removed" stickers on it... a bit odd
  2. Some dodgey ads...

    Haha, oh yeah, I was more interested in the people that had visited, then I guess I got carried away with the censoring! No, thats not how we spell it in the UK, and no, I definately do not type that sort of thing into google! As for prices, well, they didnt have any, only more adverts for "Big Busty Women", at which point I shut thie window! This might be better in the laughs section too...
  3. Hi, I was just looking at my profile, and look at the advert that came up! I'm not sure if this is something you or the advert company is in control of, but I don't think it's entirely appropriate... PS: My 100th Post
  4. Hey, for those in the UK still waiting for one (The date is now the 31st July), and not willing to pay £350, PCWorld, Currys and Dixons are selling the Advent 4211, which is just a rebranded model, with a price of only £280! However, you do have to put up with an ADVENT logo on it, along with the silver + black colour scheme
  5. Oh sorry, I wasn't taking price into account here, but you could just take the metal shielding off the Dell card rather than messing with the innards of the laptop? Also, what do you mean by a "Chinese Chop"? You could also try the card that comes with the Medion rebrand of this, i'm sure that wouldn't need any modification. The name of it is Ralink RT2860 (Again, taken from http://wind-osx86.wikispaces.com/Akoya ) Hope I've helped!
  6. Apparently the Dell 1490 works without any modifications: http://wind-osx86.wikispaces.com/Working+W...s+(substitutes) I have an idea regarding the warranty too... Would it be possible to remove the warranty sticker, photocopy it, then print it onto sticky paper so that you can open it as many times as you like, just putting a new sticker over it? Or, if you don't own a scanner, could you just type what it says in a similar font onto sticky paper (I'm sure the guys at the place you bought it would know no different!) Just a thought, but it might be worth a shot! EDIT: the link wouldn't work ( I don't know how to do them )
  7. [Sell] Great OSx86 Box

    Hi, how much are you asking for this? Will you ship to the UK? Is this including a monitor, keyboard & mouse etc... Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm desperate for one of these fantastic little things now! I've looked on PCWorlds website, and they don't have any in stock at the moment (High Wycombe), so do you think I could ask for the display model? And if so could I even get a discount (a bit cheeky, i know!) I just really want one, now!
  9. WWDC 2008

    Is there nothing at WWDC about the upcoming macbooks and macbook pros? I thought they would at least get a mention....
  10. iPod album Artwork Problem

    First of all, thanks for your reply! I can give it a go, but it'll be a whole days work, I have over 3700 songs! Is there anyway of repairing the artwork database on the ipod or something? Thanks!
  11. iPod album Artwork Problem

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my iPod Classic (6G) 80GB. Basically, what happened was I added music to my iPod, and some of the album artwork was just black. So, to resolve it I unchecked the "Sync Artwork" box, applied, ticked it again and applied. However, after applying for the second time, I got an error along the lines of "There has been an Unknown error (-50)" Now, it will only add artwork up to that point, which results is a lot of it being missing, or not at all. Any help with fixing this will be greatly appreciated! (BTW, I CAN'T afford to do a complete restore, as I have to delete videos off my laptop hdd as it is smaller than my ipod, so if I did a restore, I would lose all of these) Thanks!
  12. Help on installing iATKOS please..

    Sorry, I have no other ideas than that. You could try checking if excecute disable bit or something like that is on in the bios, and hasnt been turned off, as I think this can prevent it from booting.
  13. Help on installing iATKOS please..

    basically, when you boot, try pressing F8, then typing "cpus=1", without quotation marks though
  14. Help on installing iATKOS please..

    So did you try booting with cpus=1?