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Zephyroth 10.5.1 installation was stuck in middle


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i have downloaded Zephyroth 10.5.1



i have burned image file successfully.... in to my dvd.... but it's failed to boot successfully.. i don't know why... every time i will try boot different versions of mac os... but this poor guy getting disappointment's only.... you don't believe i was trying to install mac os from version 10.4.1 still could not make out in comp. it's very sad to me... so many people advised to change motherboard... but i didn't changed yet.... here i stop my bala bala story ...


this is my ultimate sys config


AMD 3200+ vencie core

Asus a8n vm Nividia Chipset MB

1 gb DDR Ram





now i have other sata drive 200 GB...for Mac os



when i try boot the dvd with "-v,-f,y -legacy" wat ever the booting screen stuck up with screen

checkout attachment picture's..


i have ps2 keyboard and mouse... but i tried with USB mouse but i dont have USB keyboard ,,,


i dont know wat to do.... so plz... guide me install successfully ....


thanks in advance..



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